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페이스북 아이콘 트위터 아이콘 블로그 아이콘

Introducing CI

예술의전당 seoul arts center

Marking its 25th anniversary in 2013, SAC developed its own corporate identity
(wordmark), mixing Korean and Roman characters reflecting its status as a world-class
arts complex and weighting its interaction with locals.


With its great visual impact,
red delivers the proactive

and challenging stance of SAC, thus representing
the artist’s spirit and passion toward art.

SAC Red, Process_M 100 Y80, Spot_Pantone 186C SAC Black, Process_K100, Spot_Pantone Black C

We iconized a Korean-based solid-looking logotype
that carried the 25-year history of SAC and a
comparably emotional, handwritten English-based
counterpart. The visual motif expresses a space of
passion and excitement where the public and arts
mingle,while the margins and the cut image of the
motif envision an open space where the public
interacts and builds rapport with culture and arts.

예술의전당 seoul arts center