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Getting Here·Parking

  • Road name address Nambusunhwanro 2406, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06757, Republic of Korea
    Land-lot based address 700 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Enter your destination Seoul Arts Center(Opera House, Concert Hall, Hangaram Art Museum,
    Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Calligraphy Museum)

We encourage travel by public transport to avoid congestion.

By subway

• Line 3

Nambu Bus Terminal Station, Exit No.5

1 Less than 10 minutes walk away

2 Town Bus No.22 (2 more stops)

• Line 2

Seocho Station, Exit 3

1 Town Bus No.11 (4 more stops)

2 Less than 25 minutes’ walk away

• Line 4

Sadang Station, Exit 1

1 Town Bus No.17 (16 more stops)

By bus

Blue Bus

406, 405

Green Bus


Red Bus

1500-2, 1553

Town Bus

Seocho11, Seocho17, Seocho22


From Yangjae

Gyeongbu Expressway to Seocho IC (Seoul Arts Center direction) → Go Straight heading to Sadang → Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on your left)

From Sadang

Nambusunhwanro heading to Yangjae → Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on your right)

Olympic Expressway

From West-end

Travel east and turn left at the Banpo bridge Intersection (Express bus terminal direction) → Take Banpo bridge overpass and go straight heading to Seocho Station진 → Divert to the right side of the Umyeon mountain tunnel → Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on the front)

From East-end

Travel west and enter Hannam IC → Take Gyeongbu Expressway (Busan direction) → Exit Seocho IC and go straight heading to Sadang → Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on your left)

Vitamin Station
Guide Map

Directions from Vitamin Station to venues

Automatic Pay

To exit quickly,
use conveniently located payment machines to pay parking tickets in advance.


  • • 1st, 2nd, 3rd level of the Opera House
  • • Basement level and 1st level of the Music Hall
  • • 1st level of the Hangaram Art Museum
  • • 1st level of the Hangaram Design Museum
  • • Hangaram Art Museum Square (Passage)
  • • Vitamin Station

Shuttle Bus Service

< Shuttle bus service ends >

The shuttle buses, which connects Nambu Bus Terminal with Seoul Arts Center, will be suspended from August 12 (Friday) due to the decrease in the number of passengers.

If you visit Seoul Arts Center by subway line 3, please take the town bus No.22 near the exit No.5 of Nambu Bus Terminal Station or walk (less than 10 minutes from the station).

We will become the Seoul Arts Center that always strives to provide better services.

Many thanks,
Seoul Arts Center

- AUG 14, 2020 -


Parking Rates

You may use the parking lot quickly and conveniently by paying for parking in advance.

(If you pay parking after a performance, it may take longer than expected due to vehicle congestion. We recommend paying for parking at the Automatic Pay Stations which are convenient to use before, during (intermission) and after the performance.)

Parking Payment Options

1Online payment (NON-STOP pass)

• Can be purchased online after booking event tickets (Only available for the tickets of concert or performance)

• Allows you to bypass the exit without presenting your ticket or verifying your vehicle number.

2Unmanned payment system

• Pay parking at the Automatic Pay Stations (pay on foot) placed throughout the center

• Use unmanned payment system at the exit of the car park

3Pay on exit to a staff

• Pay on exit leaving the center with your retailer receipt (SAC retail stores) or tickets for events on the same day to obtain the discounted rate.

How the Automatic Pay Station Works

• You can use the pre-payment at the same time as you enter. It is convenient to use it before the performance or exhibition, during the break, and after the end.

• The Seoul Arts Center operates a flat rate system (two hours for convenience facilities, five hours for performance, three hours for exhibition) and a pre-settlement system for quick departure and customer convenience.

• Please note that the flat rate system is a discount rate that provides additional service hours considering performance, exhibition, and waiting time, unlike the general rate (1 hour and 4,000 won).

Parking Fee

First 30 minutes : Free

Parking Fee Type
Customer type Parking hours Parking rates Parking rates during peak days
(weekends, holidays)
General visitors Every 15 minutes KRW 1,000 KRW 1,500
Concert or performance ticket holders 5 hours or less KRW 6,000 KRW 9,000
Exhibition ticket holders 3 hours or less KRW 4,000 KRW 6,000
Academy students per hours (within 5 hours) KRW 1,000 KRW 1,500
Customers with valid receipts paid over 10,000 won
(from cafes, restaurants or shops in Seoul Arts Center)
2 hours or less KRW 3,000 KRW 4,500
Multipurpose visitors
(performance, exhibition, academy)
12 hours or less KRW 10,000 KRW 15,000
within 5 hours KRW 6,000 KRW 9,000
(free performance, exhibition)
Every 15 minutes KRW 1,000 KRW 1,500

• ※ The weekend surcharge will be suspended "until the termination of the COVID-19 Severe Stage"

• Extra charges are applied on parking rates during peak days (weekends, holidays) when numbers of visitors with vehicles are expected to increase substantially. We encourage travel by public transport to avoid congestion.

Parking fee discount and reduction guide

Men of national merit & the disabled
① Men of national merit & the disabled ② Compact-sized vehicles
(hybrid vehicles
③ Oversized Vehicles
(Bus, above 2.5T)
Category 1Grade 1 - 3 Grade 4 - 7
General visitors Free(※ Parking is free until 24:00 on the day of entry)
(If the time is exceeded, general parking rate (Every additional 15 minutes:KRW 1,000) will be charged for the addtional hours)
Normal parking rates 50% discount Double charging
Concert/Exhibition ticket holders Free up to 5 hours with concert or performance ticket /3 hours with exhibition ticket
(Every additional 15 minutes:KRW 1,000)

<① Men of national merit & the disabled>

• People with disabilities holding their welfare card or men of national merit holding their national merits cards are entitled to the benefit.

• Please press call button for cardholder authentication when using automatic pay station.

• For the men of national merit, the same applies to the parking rates for people with disabilities with grade 4 and below.

<②-1 Compact-sized vehicles: 50% discount>

• Condition of exemption : Vehicles with a displacement of less than 1,000cc, less than 3.6 meters long, less than 1.6 meters wide and less than 2 meters high

• ※ Automatic check on entry or identification on departure

<②-2 Hybrid vehicles : 50% discount>

• Condition of exemption: Vehicle with low emission identification sticker or identifiable mark on the vehicle exterior (If it is impossible to verify by the exterior of the vehicle, vehicle registration may be presented)
※ If a customer fails to present proof of eligibility, general parking rate will be charged.


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