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SAC Deal

  • “Let’s check out all the interesting performances and exhibitions!”
  • What is the SAC deal? It is a limited-time sale provided only to paid members (Gold/Blue/Green) with tickets sold for a special discounted price for just 2 hours a day from 11am to 1pm.
  • Sweep up all the performances and exhibitions that grab your interest! It opens without prior notice from the Seoul Art Center website and on mobile.

Today SAC Deal

Today’s closed deal

Past SAC deal

Guide to SAC Deal Ticket Reservation

Benefits and Content

  • For events that participated in the SAC deal, a limited number of tickets and specific class seats can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • SAC deal price: maximum discount rate per event or special discounted price

Sale Time and Date

  • 11am - 1pm (limited-time sales for just 2 hours)
  • If there is available SAC deal event, it opens without prior notice.


  • -SAC deal page location: homepage > Performance·Exhibition > SAC deal
  • -Order to get tickets: Pperformance· exhibition > [Participate in SAC deal] Click! > Choose seat > Select SAC deal discount

※Only possible to get SAC deal tickets
through web(pc/mobile), not through call center