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Welcome you all to Seoul Arts Center, Korea's the most representative multi-cultural art complex.

With the opening of the Music Hall and Seoul Calligraphy Museum in 1988, the Hangaram Art Museum and Art Archives in 1990, and the completion of the Opera House in 1993, Seoul Arts Center becomes the heart of Korean culture and art, attracting 3 million annual visitors. To develop and promote art and culture, and to expand people’s opportunities for cultural enjoyment in accordance with the establishment purpose, various genres of performances and exhibitions are held non-stop at 7 performance halls, 3 art galleries and museums.

2023 is a significant year as it marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of Seoul Arts Center’s whole venues. Now, Seoul Arts Center is preparing to take off as a global art institution beyond Korea and we believe that Seoul Arts Center can reach the level of world-class art and culture complex providing top-quality cultural contents and service by communicating with not only national art organizations, but also private art organizations, agencies, and audiences.

Seoul Arts Center will always be with you, a place where artistic inspiration springs up for artists and where audiences are swept away by unforgettable performances.

Thank you.

Hyoung Joon Chang