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페이스북 아이콘 트위터 아이콘 블로그 아이콘

PR Zone @700

  • The Seoul Arts Center at 700 Seocho-dong has a new cultural space.
  • The Seoul Arts Center, with its unique cultural brand value, tells the story of the past, present and future.
    • @700,
      Story of 700 Seocho-dong
    • To Marking its 25th anniversary, SAC opened SAC PR Zone in side SAC Opera House on Feb 15th 2013.
    • The official name of SAC PR Zone is ‘@700’, suggesting that the place reflects the past, the present, and the future of SAC, which is located at 700, Seocho-dong.
    • The past and present of the Seoul Arts Center at a glance.
    • Vitamin Station on B1 of SAC Opera House has a space that encapsulates the past and present of SAC.
    • At Vitamin Station, visitors can see in video or text the early image and key historical facts of SAC including the model of SAC as designed in 1986 and the design model created by the architect, Prof. Seok Chul Kim.
    • History of musicals and operas
    • A Bass and Treble Clef, located right by the stairway connecting level M to the second floor of SAC Opera House, carry exhibits from the resident organizations of SAC as well as the history of opera at SAC.
    • The Bass Clef displays the costumes from Simon Boccanegra of Korea National Opera, the miniature stage for Carmen, and the costumes from Raymonda of Korean National Ballet, while visitors can create their memories of a scene on the stage at the photo zone installed there.
    • The Treble Clef, also features opera, exhibits stage sketch, program, and costumes.
    • The lobby on 3F of SAC Opera House presents the 25th anniversary program, while exhibiting the miniature stage Saljjaigi opseoye, a musical celebrating the reopening of CJ Towol Theater, the film screenplay for Hyeolmaek, a play, and the program brochure for the play, Manseon.
    • The materials which describe works performed at Opera House and CJ Towol Theater provide a summary view of the 25-year history of SAC Opera House as a whole.

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