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Performing Place

  • A cultural space where the passion of art continues.
  • Introducing a place flowing with artistic inspiration, Seoul Arts Center, the home of cultural enrichment that makes an unforgettable impression on audiences.

Total seats 2,283

  • Available seats

    1,993 (General seats 1,925 | Wheelchair seats 20 | Orchestra pit 48)

  • Restricted view seats

    290 (Partial view surtitle 48 | Partial view stage 242)

Opera Theater Opera House's representative theater with more than 2,200 seats.

The Proscenium Arched stage and the classic horseshoe structure match harmoniously with the modern-style auditorium in the 2,340-seat theater, which opened in 2008 exclusively for opera and ballet.
The front, rear, left and right stage and the orchestra pit, a total of five sub-stages are equipped with state of the art equipment and the most up-to-date support systems along with 88 constantly-shifting battens to create a perfect stage.

Seating Charts

By clicking the seats circled in red in the seating chart,

you can see an actual view of the stage from your chosen seat.

seat chart (floor 1) of the opera theater1flr.Ablock1row No.3 1flr.Ablock6row No.2 1flr.Ablock6row No.7 1flr.Ablock12row No.3 1flr.Ablock12row No.9 1flr.Ablock17row No.2 1flr.Ablock17row No.9 1flr.Ablock23row No.2 1flr.Ablock23row No.9 1flr.Bblock1row No.1 1flr.Bblock1row No.8 1flr.Bblock1row No.16 1flr.Bblock6row No.1 1flr.Bblock6row No.8 1flr.Bblock6row No.16 1flr.Bblock12row No.1 1flr.Bblock12row No.8 1flr.Bblock12row No.16 1flr.Bblock17row No.1 1flr.Bblock17row No.8 1flr.Bblock17row No.16 1flr.Bblock23row No.1 1flr.Bblock23row No.8 1flr.Cblock1row No.3 1flr.Cblock6row No.2 1flr.Cblock6row No.6 1flr.Cblock12row No.2 1flr.Cblock12row No.8 1flr.Cblock17row No.2 1flr.Cblock17row No.9 1flr.Cblock23row No.2 1flr.Cblock23row No.9 1flr.BOX1block2 1flr.BOX1block7 1flr.BOX1block10 1flr.BOX1block16 1flr.BOX1block26 1flr.BOX1block34 1flr.BOX2block2 1flr.BOX2block7 1flr.BOX2block10 1flr.BOX2block16 1flr.BOX2block26
  • 1F 951 seats

    • General seats850
    • Wheelchair seats15
    • Orchestra pit48
    • Partial view stage38
seat chart (floor 2,3,4) of the opera theater2flr.Ablock1row No.2 2flr.Ablock1row No.10 2flr.Ablock1row No.19 2flr.Ablock4row No.10 2flr.Ablock7row No.2 2flr.Ablock7row No.10 2flr.Bblock2row No.1 2flr.Bblock2row No.10 2flr.Bblock2row No.20 2flr.Bblock4row No.5 2flr.Bblock4row No.17 2flr.Bblock7row No.1 2flr.Bblock7row No.12 2flr.Bblock7row No.25 2flr.Cblock1row No.1 2flr.Cblock1row No.10 2flr.Cblock4row No.10 2flr.Cblock7row No.1 2flr.Cblock7row No.11 2flr.Cblock7row No.20 3flr.Ablock1row No.2 3flr.Ablock1row No.14 3flr.Ablock4row No.10 3flr.Ablock7row No.2 3flr.Ablock7row No.17 3flr.Bblock1row No.1 3flr.Bblock1row No.11 3flr.Bblock1row No.17 3flr.Bblock4row No.6 3flr.Bblock4row No.19 3flr.Bblock7row No.9 3flr.Cblock1row No.5 3flr.Cblock1row No.18 3flr.Cblock4row No.10 3flr.Cblock7row No.1 3flr.Cblock7row No.18 4flr.Ablock1row No.2 4flr.Ablock1row No.14 4flr.Ablock4row No.11 4flr.Ablock6row No.2 4flr.Ablock6row No.17 4flr.Bblock1row No.1 4flr.Bblock1row No.11 4flr.Bblock4row No.6 4flr.Bblock4row No.20 4flr.Bblock6row No.6 4flr.Bblock6row No.21 4flr.Cblock1row No.5 4flr.Cblock1row No.18 4flr.Cblock4row No.10 4flr.Cblock6row No.5 4flr.Cblock6row No.18 2flr.BOX3block1 2flr.BOX4block1
  • 2F 487 seats

    • General seats363
    • Partial view surtitle&stage48
    • Partial view stage76
  • 3F 451 seats

    • General seats378
    • Wheelchair seats5
    • Partial view stage68
  • 4F 394 seats

    • General seats334
    • Partial view stage60

Call Center 82-1668-1352 (Mon:09:00~18:00/TUE-SUN:09:00~20:00 (all the year round))

Adress (06757) Seoul Arts Center, Nambusunhwanro 2406, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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