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페이스북 아이콘 트위터 아이콘 블로그 아이콘

Performing Place

  • A cultural space where the passion of art continues.
  • Introducing a place flowing with artistic inspiration, Seoul Arts Center, the home of cultural enrichment that makes an unforgettable impression on audiences.

Total seats 241

  • Available seats

    221 (General seats 217 | Wheelchair seats 4)

  • Restricted view seats

    20 (Partial view stage 20)

Jayu TheaterAn experimental theater space that aims to boldly breaking down the walls of the stage and audience.

Experimental in form and in content, the Jayu Theater has no official divide between the audience and the stage. Instead, it is the producer’s decision to arrange up to 300 seats in whatever way they please. Proscenium, arena, thrust and atypical forms in staging are all possible and the ability to adjust the lower stage makes it possible to create a dimensional look.

Seating Charts

By clicking the seats circled in red in the seating chart,

you can see an actual view of the stage from your chosen seat.

seat chart (floor 1,2,3) of the Jayu Theater1층정면석A블록2열2번 1층정면석A블록2열10번 1층정면석A블록5열2번 1층정면석A블록9열2번 1층정면석A블록9열10번 1층정면석B블록2열8번 1층정면석B블록5열1번 1층정면석B블록5열8번 1층정면석B블록9열2번 1층정면석B블록9열8번 2층측면석5번 2층측면석13번 2층정면석15번 왼쪽 바로옆 2층정면석23번 오른쪽 바로옆 2층정면석24번 왼쪽 바로옆 2층정면석31번 오른쪽 바로옆 2층측면석33번 2층측면석41번 3층48번 3층53번 3층56번 3층65번 3층68번 3층73번
  • 1F(Front seat) 166 seats

    • General seats162
    • Wheelchair seats 4
  • 2F(Front/Side seat) 45 seats

    • General seats37
    • Restricted view seats 8
  • 3F 30 seats

    • General seats 18
    • Partial view stage12

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