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페이스북 아이콘 트위터 아이콘 블로그 아이콘

Culture Sunlight Project

  • 문화햇살콘서트

    Culture Sunlight Concert

  • 소외계층 전시회 관람

    Viewing exhibitions by culturally disadvantaged people

  • 문화햇살 사랑의 모금함 전달식

    Culture Sunlight Love Fund Box Delivery Ceremony


Project to Support the Invitation of the Culturally Disadvantaged
A total of 23,128 people were invited in 2017 for performances planned and produced by the Seoul Arts Center and activities to invite the underprivileged to watch the exhibition.
The project, which continues every year, aims to establish a "life culture" not only for the poor or disabled cultural underprivileged, but also for citizens who have been unable to access culture and arts due to living and working conditions.