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페이스북 아이콘 트위터 아이콘 블로그 아이콘

Name-a-Seat Donation

Name-a-Seat Donation

Concert Hall Name-a-Seat Donation

See your name when you sit in the audience at the concert hall.The name of an art lover.Leave it to the audience.

To enrich and beautify the music hallName-a-Seat Donations are in use to help make concerts planned by the Seoul Arts Center possible and to maintain its world-class facilities.


per seat on the first floor
5 million won
per seat on the second floor
3million won
BOX 1 / BOX 6
Each 60million won
BOX 2 / BOX 5
Each 80million won
BOX 3 / BOX 4
Each 100million won

Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall

Name-a-Seat Donation


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Name-a-Seat Donation in Concert Hall

TEL : 02-580-1406FAX : 02-580-1404

Seoul Arts Center

I tell my story in 2,171 seats in the opera theater.

The Opera House reopened in December 2008 with a new look..

Thanks to the encouragement of many people who cherish me, I have start a beautiful culture of donation.

I'll tell you each and every precious story.

We will attach a nameplate with your name and phrase to the donated seats and use the donation money to improve the facilities of the opera theater.

opera theater
seating chart

Seoul Arts Center Opera Theater

Name-a-Seat Donation

Donation account number: Woori Bank 414-126818-13-089
(deposit stocks: Seoul Arts Center)

Inquiries and Guides on Name-a-Seat Donation in Opera Theater

TEL 02-580-1321~1322FAX : (02)580-1304