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페이스북 아이콘 트위터 아이콘 블로그 아이콘 카카오톡 아이콘

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페이스북 아이콘 트위터 아이콘 블로그 아이콘

Art Gallery

  • Exhibition space for visual art
  • It provides a place for writers and audiences to interact through a space where they can enjoy and share works with various stories.

First level of three-level building with three exhibition halls

  • 10:00 ~ 19:00
  • Closed on Mondays

Hangaram Design Museum A variable space which can be adapted according to the nature of exhibition plan

Korea's first museum specializing in design, registered in 1999.

Opened in 1999, the Hangaram Design Museum is the nation’s first museum specialized in design. About 1,282㎡(1 gallery 727㎡, 2 gallery 555㎡) in size, the main gallery on the first floor is a versatile space that can be transformed according to the exhibition taking place at the moment and, if needed, can be divided into two showrooms.

Floor Plan

Plan of Hangaram Design Museum

Available facilities & services at the Hangaram Design Museum

  • Information Desk
    Situated on the first level of the building, the information desk provides stroller rental service, wheelchair rental service and medicines for emergencies.
  • Automatic Pay Station
    The parking ticket payment machine is situated next to the Information Desk on the first level. There is a coin exchange machine nearby.
  • Audio Visual Center
    Situated on the third level of the building, the center houses tens of thousands of domestic and international images and music resources related to performances and exhibitions.