Haochen Zhang Piano Recital

  • Date 2024-09-04(Wed)
  • Time19:30
  • Venue IBK Chamber Hall
  • AdmissionFor elementary school students and older
  • Running Time (min.)130
  • PriceR 90,000won / S 70,000won / A 30,000won
  • HostInArts Production Inc.
  • Inquiry02-6954-7760

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Haochen Zhang Piano Recital

Haochen Zhang, a pianist who enjoys new challenges and exploration, began to make his name known on the world stage in earnest when he won the Van Clyburn Competition at the age of 20 in 2009. At the age of 16, he studied under Gary Graffman, who raised Lang Lang and Yuja King at Curtis College of Music, and since his debut, he has been on stage with leading orchestras such as the London Symphony, Dresden Staatskapelle, the LA Philharmonic and the NHK Symphony Orchestra. In 2022, he released a full album of Beethoven's Piano Concertos with the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Natalie Schutzmann on the BIS label, which was well received as a "reliable performer."


In this recital in Korea, which will be presented for the first time in five years, you will be able to experience the character of a musician named Haochen Zhang, which is difficult to define easily. In the first part, Franz Schubert's "Allegretto D915" and "Piano Sonata D894 in G major" will be played, and in the second part, all of Franz Liszt's "12 Transcendental Etudes," located at the peak of Romantic Piano Music, will be played. Through this performance by Haochen Zhang, you will be able to experience the performance when you meet at the highest level of sensitivity and skill.



F. Schubert: Allegretto, D915

F. Schubert: Piano Sonata No.18 in G Major, D894



 F. Liszt: 12 Transcendental Etudes, S.139



Zhang Haochen | Piano

Since winning the 13th Van Clyburn International Piano Competition in 2009, Zhang Haochen has captured audiences from the United States, Europe, and Asia with her unique combination of deep musical sensitivity, fearless imagination, and brilliant technique. In 2017, Haochen won the Everly Fisher Career Grant Award, a prestigious award that recognizes talented musicians with potential for major careers in music.

Haochen has already appeared with leading festivals and orchestras around the world, including the BBC Proms, Lauryn Magell and Munich Philharmonic, Yannick Neze-Segeng and Philadelphia Orchestra, David Robertson and Sydney Symphony, Thomas Hengelbroke and NDR Hamburg, along with conductor longyu.

In recent seasons, Haochen made his New York Philharmonic and Lucerne Festival Orchestra debut, toured Asia with the Philadelphia Orchestra, and performed with Dover Quartet at the Kennedy Center. He performed numerous recitals and concertos through tours of China, Hong Kong, and Japan. In October 2017, Haochen performed at Carnegie Hall with the Chinese NCPA Orchestra, followed by his recital debut at Zankel Hall in Carnegie.


In 2019, Haochen released prokofiev piano concerto no. 2 and tchaikovsky piano concerto no. 1 under the direction of Dima Slobodeniouk and performance by the lakhti symphony orchestra on BIS records. In 2017, he released his debut solo album by BIS with works by Schumann, Brahms, Janachek and Liszt.



He has performed with the Munich Philharmonic, London Symphony, London Philharmonic, Frankfurt Broadcast Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Seattle Symphony, Israel Philharmonic, Toulouse Capitol National Orchestra of France, Sydney Symphony, NHK Philharmonic, Singapore Symphony, Mariinsky Orchestra, Warsaw Philharmonic, Taiwan Philharmonic and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Total seats 600

  • General seats594
  • Wheelchair seats6

IBK Chamber Halla dedicated performance hall optimized for chamber music.

The opening of the 2 stories, 600 seats IBKChamber Hall in 2011, a space created exclusively for chamber music, has provided a nesting place for chamber music within the domestic classical music scene. Every breath of the performers resonates to every seat in the house as if one was seated right next to the stage. We luxury of experiencing such vividness of emotions is what characterizes the IBK Chamber Hall.

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seat chart (floor 1,2) of the IBK Chamber Hall1층A블록2열2번 1층A블록6열4번 1층A블록11열4번 1층A블록16열4번 1층B블록2열2번 1층B블록2열8번 1층B블록2열15번 1층B블록6열2번 1층B블록6열8번 1층B블록6열15번 1층B블록11열2번 1층B블록11열8번 1층B블록11열15번 1층B블록16열2번 1층B블록16열8번 1층B블록16열15번 1층C블록2열2번 1층C블록6열3번 1층C블록11열3번 1층C블록16열3번 2층A블록1열4번 2층A블록1열10번 2층A블록3열4번 2층A블록3열10번 2층A블록5열3번 2층B블록1열4번 2층B블록1열10번 2층B블록3열4번 2층B블록3열10번 2층B블록2열3번 BOX1블록3번 BOX1블록7번 BOX1블록10번
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    • General seats448
    • Wheelchair seats6
  • 2F 146 seats

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