KNCDC `Jungle`

  • Date 2024-04-11(Thu) ~ 2024-04-14(Sun)
  • TimeTHU,FRI 7:30PM / SAT,SUN 3PM
  • Venue CJ Towol Theater
  • AdmissionFor elementary school students and older
  • Running Time (min.)60
  • PriceR 50,000won / S 30,000won / A 20,000won
  • HostKNCDC
  • Inquiry02-3472-1420

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※ Age Restriction Notice

If proof of age cannot be provided, entry will not be permitted regardless of ticket possession or accompaniment by a guardian.

- Elementary school age and above: Born before 2017 (including those born in 2017) or elementary school students and above are permitted entry.
- Middle school age and above: Born before 2011 (including those born in 2011) or middle school students and above are permitted entry.

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KNCDC's artistic director Kim Sungyong is back 
with a repertory work, Jungle
Jungle, a place where the instincts of the body and vitality 
fiercely collide with each other, 
vividly depicts movements and inner senses. 
Happenings unfolding on the stage symbolized as a jungle are seen from a perspective view. The scenes portraying the jungle, in which making and being made, the hidden and the revealed, stillness and motion as well as relaxation and tension coexist, are just like our everyday lives that we are struggling with. Jungle is an attempt to reflect on the movements observed on stage, making us contemplate the weight and depth of our existence, heavier than thought and deeper than seen. 
This work is based on the atypical movement research, “Process Init,” developed by the KNCDC’s artistic director Kim Sungyong. Through “Process Init,” dancers awaken their individual concrete senses and explore mutual responses, creating changes and expansions of movement. 
Jungle will feature music director Marihiko Hara, a Japanese sound artist and composer, lighting designer Lee Jungyoon bringing uniqueness to the work with a young and sophisticated sensibility and costume designer Bae Kyongsool who understands movement better than anyone else based on her experience of working with dancers. Scenographer You Jaehun, who has showcased creative stage art by integrating performance, architecture, technology and art while collaborating with choreographer Kim Sungyong for a long time, also participates in this project. 
Choreography Kim Sungyong 
Based on his philosophy that "Dance is a language that cannot be described in words," Kim Sungyong pursues dance as the "most truthful means of expression."  
Kim began dancing at the age of 15 and came to prominence as the youngest winner of the gold award at Dong-A Dance Competition at 20 in 1997, and as the first Korean to win an award at Japan International Ballet & Modern Dance Competition in Nagoya. Showcasing more than 100 choreographic works on prestigious domestic and international stages, he has received a number of awards while being recognized for his abilities and talent. Besides, serving as the director of the Daegu Contemporary Dance Company, he brought new wind to the organization as a young leader in his 40s. He was also considered to have contributed to improving the dancers' capabilities and developing the company through various attempts, demonstrating his own empathetic communication skills.
Kim Sungyong, who is making his own way as a dancer, choreographer and administrator, is expected to take Korean contemporary dance to a world-class standard through his young and creative leadership based on his extensive experience and know-how in the field.
Choreographer Kim Sungyong
Rehearsal Director Lee Junwook
Composer·Music Director Marihiko Hara
Text·Dramaturg Kim Meyoung
Scenographer You Jaehun(Youjam Studio)
Stage Designer Jo haerin(Youjam Studio)
Lighting Designer Lee Jungyoon
Costume Designer Bae Kyongsool
Production Stage Manager Cho Yoongeun
Date 2024.4.11.THU-4.14.SUN
Venue Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater
Viewing  For elementary school students and older
Ticket R KRW 50,000, S KRW 30,000, A KRW 20,000 
Booking Seoul Arts Center 02-580-1300 sac.or.kr
         INTERPARK 1544-1555 tickets.interpark.com
Production Korea National Contemporary Dance Company www.kncdc.kr 
* student discount: required to provide proof of identity and age when picking up tickets.
Payment of the difference in price at the spot when not submitted.
- 30% discount for SAC Patrons, SAC Gold
- 20% for SAC Blue, Green
- 40% discount for SACteens
- 40% discount for Noble members

Total seats 1,004

  • Available seats

    915 (General seats 842 | Disabled seats 10 | Orchestra pit 63)

  • Restricted view seats

    89 (Partial view stage 89)

CJ Towol Theatera 1004-seat multipurpose performance hall that can accommodate various performance genres.

The structural and technical aspects of the Opera Theater are neatly condensed in the CJ Towol Theater.
It boasts cutting-edge stage mechanisms that enable a wide range of performances including classic or modern pieces as well as small-scale operas, musicals, original musical plays and other shows. There are now 1,004 seats in the theater after since the 2012 reopening.

Seating Charts

By clicking the seats circled in red in the seating chart,

you can see an actual view of the stage from your chosen seat.

seat chart (floor 1) of the CJ Towol Theater1층A블록2열2번 1층A블록2열9번 1층A블록6열2번 1층A블록6열10번 1층A블록9열32 1층A블록9열11번 1층A블록12열2번 1층A블록12열7번 1층B블록2열1번 1층B블록2열7번 1층B블록2열13번 1층B블록6열1번 1층B블록6열8번 1층B블록6열15번 1층B블록9열1번 1층B블록9열8번 1층B블록9열16번 1층B블록13열1번 1층B블록13열9번 1층B블록13열18번 1층C블록2열2번 1층C블록2열9번 1층C블록6열2번 1층C블록6열10번 1층C블록9열2번 1층C블록9열11번 1층C블록13열2번 1층C블록13열7번
  • 1F 557 seat

    • General seats490
    • Disabled seats 4
    • Orchestra pit63
seat chart (floor 2,3) of the CJ Towol Theater2층A블록2열2번 2층A블록4열3번 2층A블록6열2번 2층A블록6열7번 2층A블록6열13번 2층A블록8열2번 2층A블록8열8번 2층A블록8열14번 2층A블록9열1번 2층B블록6열1번 2층B블록6열9번 2층B블록6열17번 2층B블록8열1번 2층B블록8열10번 2층B블록8열18번 2층C블록2열1번 2층C블록4열1번 2층C블록6열2번 2층C블록6열9번 2층C블록6열13번 2층C블록8열2번 2층C블록8열8번 2층C블록8열14번 2층C블록9열5번 2층장애인석가운데 2층왼쪽가족석3번 2층오른쪽가족석3번 3층A블록2열2번 3층A블록4열2번 3층A블록4열8번 3층A블록4열14번 3층A블록6열2번 3층A블록6열9번 3층B블록4열1번 3층B블록4열9번 3층B블록4열18번 3층B블록6열2번 3층B블록6열7번 3층B블록6열12번 3층C블록2열2번 3층C블록4열2번 3층C블록4열8번 3층C블록4열14번 3층A블록6열2번 3층A블록6열9번
  • 2F 254 seat

    • General seats224
    • Disabled seats 6
    • Partial view stage24
  • 3F 193 seat

    • General seats128
    • Partial view stage65
Note for Ticket Purchases, Refunds and Exchanges

All performances, except for children-specific ones, are suitable for elementary school students and older. If proof of age cannot be provided, entry will not be permitted regardless of ticket possession or accompaniment by a guardian. (Excluding performances aimed at children.)

The maximum number of tickets allowed to be purchased per online order (pc, mobile) is 10. If you would like to purchase more than 10 tickets for a group, please call the Service Plaza (1668-1352)

Lost tickets are non-refundable or non-exchangeable as tickets are value instrument papers

We are not responsible for the tickets by individual transactions other than purchase through specified ticketing system or Service Plaza

Cancellation Fees
Cancellation Fees
Classification Cancellation fee Note
10 days before the event No charge  
9 days to 1 day before the event 10% of paid amount In case of tickets purchased up to 3 days before the performance, there will be no cancellation fee if cancelled on the day of the purchase
(call: ~20:00 /
visit Service Plaza: ~20:00(Tue~Sun), ~18:00(Mon) /
homepage or mobile: ~23:59)
On the day of the event Seoul Arts Center’s planned event 90% of paid amount 2 hours before the event starts
(Non refundable at Box Office)
Rental event Non refundable 1 day before the event
Payment methods
  • Credit card (or check card)

    Payable up to the event day

    • * Homepage(PC/Mobile)
    • * Box Office
    • * Service Plaza (Information & Tickets)
  • Virtual account

    Payable up to 5 days before the event day

    • * Homepage(PC/Mobile)

Refund by payment methods ※ A refund is only possible with the same payment method as used in booking

  • Credit card (or check card)

    Approval cancellation by credit card company

    • * Within 4 to 5 days from the requested date
    • * Under the rules of refund by relevant credit card company
    • * Cancellation fee will be charged to customer’s credit card
  • Virtual account

    Refund to the account in the name which the reservation is made in

    • * Within 2 working days from the requested date
    • * Refund after deducting cancellation fee
Ticket Cancellation Information
  • Booking online

    To cancel a reservation, a customer can check the reservation details in My Page on the website or through Service Plaza (1668-1352)

  • Phone booking

    To cancel a reservation, a customer can check the reservation details in My Page on the website or through Service Plaza (1668-1352).

  • If a customer received booked tickets through visiting Service Plaza or mail delivery.

    A customer must return tickets to Service Plaza until one (1) day before event day to get a refund. (Service Plaza Operating Times : Mon 09:00~18:00 / Tue~Sun- 09:00~20:00)

  • ※ Partial Cancellation

    • Partial Cancellation is allowed EXCEPT FOR the tickets paid by gift card, and special offer like ‘buy one get one free’ ticket. For more information and inquiry, please call Service Plaza (1668-1352)
How to receive a ticket
  • Box Office
    • * Ticket pickup at venue on the event day
    • * It operates one and a half hours prior to the start of a performance through its intermission
    • * Without a break, it operates until 30 minutes after the start of the performance
  • Service Plaza
    • * Located in the Vitamin Station
    • * Operating Times : Mon 09:00~18:00/Tue-Sun 09:00~20:00 (All the year around)
    • * Inquiry: 1668-1352
    • * Not for tickets booked through other ticket agency’s sales channel
  • Ticket Delivery
    • * Mail delivery request: available only for a ticket booked no later than 2 weeks (14 days) before event day
    • * Delivery charge: prepayment KRW 3,200 per delivery
    • * Time it takes a ticket to arrive: within 5 working days from mail delivery request
  • Note for receiving a ticket
    • Customers who have benefited from discounts (e.g. discount coupons and membership discounts, special discounts for the disabled, national merits, SAC Teens, noble members, students, seniors and last-minute tickets) must be able to present proof of eligibility when collecting discounted tickets. If a customer fails to present such certification, he or she must pay for the full ticket price to enter the venue.
    • The Box Office is very crowded when an event is about to begin. We strongly recommend collecting your ticket at least 30 minutes before the performance starts.

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