Myung-Whun Chung Piano Recital

  • Date 2021-04-28(Wed)
  • Time19:30
  • Venue Concert Hall
  • AdmissionFor ages 8 and above
  • Running Time100 minutes
  • PriceR 150,000won / S 120,000won / A 80,000won / B 40,000won
  • Inquiry1577-5266

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Maestro Chung to return for his recital tour with his new album as pianist for the first time in seven years.

Maestro Myung-Whun Chung returns as pianist. It has been seven years since he held his recital in Korea. Though more familiar to the classical music audience as a conductor, Chung was the first Korean to win the joint-second place at the 1974 International Tchaikovsky Competition. However, as Chung began pursuing a conducting career, his solo piano performances have been rare. On a few occasions, he has played the piano with orchestras or for chamber music recitals. Chung is to release his second piano album in April and will hold recital tour in Korea

Chung released his first piano album in 2013 under the ECM label and went on a recital tour in Korea the following year.While the previous piano music album consisted of works he wanted his grandchildren to listen to, the upcoming album is more about Chung’s personal desire, portraying the diverse aspects of life through music. The upcoming recital tour program includes music pieces by Haydn, Beethoven and Brahms in their late period. Chung will perform Haydn’s Piano Sonata No.60, Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.30, Brahms’ 3 Intermezzos, Op.117 from the album, along with Brahms’ Four Pieces for Piano, Op.119. All the works were composed by the respective composers in their 50s or 60s.


Haydn_ Piano Sonata No.60 in C Major, Hob.XVI/50
Beethoven_ Piano Sonata No.30 in E Major, Op.109
Brahms_ Three Intermezzos, Op.117
Brahms_ Four Pieces for Piano, Op.119
* The program is subject to change without prior notice.
5% discount for SAC Patrons and SAC Gold, 5% for SAC Blue and Green members

Total seats 2,505

  • General seats2,481
  • Wheelchair seats24

Concert Halla concert hall built as the first concert hall in Korea.

The Concert Hall is the first of its kind built exclusively for concerts in Korea. The horseshoe shaped hall with 2,505 seats and three stories is acclaimed for its ideal acoustics by numerous artists who have a performance here.
Remodeled and renovated in 2005,Concert Hall demonstrates its superb sound in every concert.

Seating Charts

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seat chart (floor 1) of the Concert Hall1층A블록4열2번 1층A블록3열8번 1층A블록10열2번 1층A블록10열10번 1층A블록15열2번 1층A블록15열11번 1층A블록18열2번 1층A블록18열9번 1층A블록21열2번 1층A블록21열6번 1층B블록4열3번 1층B블록4열8번 1층B블록10열3번 1층B블록10열9번 1층B블록14열3번 1층B블록14열10번 1층B블록18열3번 1층B블록18열11번 1층B블록21열3번 1층B블록21열12번 1층C블록4열1번 1층C블록4열6번 1층C블록4열12번 1층C블록10열1번 1층C블록10열7번 1층C블록10열13번 1층C블록14열1번 1층C블록14열8번 1층C블록14열14번 1층C블록18열1번 1층C블록18열8번 1층C블록18열15번 1층C블록21열1번 1층C블록21열8번 1층C블록21열15번 1층D블록4열3번 1층D블록4열8번 1층D블록10열3번 1층D블록10열9번 1층D블록14열3번 1층D블록14열10번 1층D블록18열3번 1층D블록18열11번 1층D블록21열3번 1층D블록21열12번 1층E블록4열3번 1층E블록4열9번 1층E블록10열2번 1층E블록10열10번 1층E블록15열2번 1층E블록15열11번 1층E블록18열2번 1층E블록18열9번 1층E블록21열2번 1층E블록21열6번 합창석H블록1열2번 합창석H블록1열15번 합창석H블록2열2번 합창석H블록2열11번 합창석H블록2열19번 합창석H블록3열2번 합창석H블록3열23번 합창석H블록4열2번 합창석H블록4열11번 합창석G블록2열3번 합창석G블록2열10번 합창석G블록2열32번 합창석G블록2열29번 합창석G블록4열3번 합창석G블록4열12번 합창석G블록4열18번 합창석G블록4열27번 합창석G블록4열35번 합창석F블록1열2번 합창석F블록1열15번 합창석F블록2열2번 합창석F블록2열11번 합창석F블록3열2번 합창석F블록3열23번 합창석F블록4열2번 합창석F블록4열12번
  • 1F 1,508 seats

    • General seats1,226
    • Wheelchair seats8
    • Choir seats274
seat chart (floor 2,3) of the Concert Hall2층A블록2열2번 2층A블록2열17번 2층A블록4열2번 2층A블록4열10번 2층A블록4열18번 2층A블록6열2번 2층A블록6열18번 2층B블록2열2번 2층B블록2열9번 2층B블록4열2번 2층B블록4열10번 2층B블록6열2번 2층B블록6열12번 2층C블록2열3번 2층C블록2열9번 2층C블록4열3번 2층C블록4열10번 2층C블록6열3번 2층C블록6열10번 2층D블록2열2번 2층D블록2열9번 2층D블록4열2번 2층D블록4열10번 2층D블록6열2번 2층D블록6열12번 2층E블록2열2번 2층E블록2열17번 2층E블록4열2번 2층E블록4열10번 2층E블록4열18번 2층E블록6열2번 2층E블록6열18번 2층 BOX1 3번 2층 BOX2 6번 2층 BOX3 6번 2층 BOX4 5번 2층 BOX5 5번 2층 BOX6 4번 3층A블록2열3번 3층A블록4열4번 3층A블록4열13번 3층A블록6열2번 3층A블록6열8번 3층B블록4열4번 3층B블록6열4번 3층C블록4열2번 3층C블록4열9번 3층C블록6열2번 3층C블록6열11번 3층D블록5열2번 3층D블록5열11번 3층D블록7열2번 3층D블록7열12번 3층E블록4열2번 3층E블록4열9번 3층E블록6열2번 3층E블록6열11번 3층F블록4열2번 3층F블록4열6번 3층F블록6열2번 3층F블록6열7번 3층G블록2열3번 3층G블록4열2번 3층G블록4열11번 3층G블록6열2번 3층G블록6열8번 3층M블록1열8번 3층N블록1열8번 3층 BOX7 5번 3층 BOX8 5번 3층 BOX9 8번 3층 BOX10 8번 3층 BOX11 5번 3층 BOX12 5번
  • 2F 568 seats

    • General seats552
    • Wheelchair seats16
  • 3F 433 seats

    • General seats 429
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