Matisse, Printmaker : From Arabesque to Jazz Henri Matisse 〈Life and Joy〉

  • Date 2021-12-21(Tue) ~ 2022-04-10(Sun)
  • Time10:00 ~ 19:00 (※ Closed on mondays)
  • Last Admission18:00
  • Venue Hangaram Art Museum Gallery 3, Gallery 4
  • AdmissionFor all ages
  • PriceAdult(19 Full Years~) 20,000won / Youth(13-18 Full Years) 15,000won / Children (3-12 Full Years) 13,000won
  • Inquiry02-396-3588

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A retrospective exhibition of Henri Matisse (1869~1954), one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, will be held in Korea from 21st of December 2021 to 10th of April 2022.

Over 200 original works including drawings, prints and art books will be shown as part of this exhibition, which is eager to illuminate the life and artistic world of Henri Matisse.

〈Henri Mattise: Life and Joy〉 is a combined exhibition with not only original works but also photographs, videos, media art, and homage works which present an opportunity for audiences to experience and appreciate various new sides of Henri Matisse, an artist who remains greatly influential to this day.

This show will offer a much needed respite for those who have suffered and been exhausted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we will witness Matisse’s resilience and determination whose work and passion for art never waned despite fighting illness throughout his life.

The master of colors, Henri Matisse (1896 ~1954) is famed as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. The founder of Fauvism and a relentless innovator of the art scene, he became considered, along with Pablo Picasso, one of the true artistic masters. His capture of symmetry in asymmetry along with his use of bold expressive colors and unique painting style brought him the admiration of Picasso and other artists. The artists’ artist, Henri Matisse, a truly historic figure in modern art.

View Point

1. The Largest Henri Matisse’s exhibition in Korea
    The first Korean exhibition presenting 200 original Matisse works.

2. The first Henri Matisse’s solo exhibitions in Seoul Art Center
    The first opportunity to experience Matisse’s life and art at Seoul Art Center!

3. Matisse VS Matisse 
    The artist’s artist, the master Matisse!

    Meeting Matisse’s art which goes beyond time and space, still influential for his unique use of line, light and color.

4. An invitation to Matisse’s three dimensional work of line, color and face
Entering a new experience of the world of lines and sides that Matisee, the wizard of color so loved.

5. Moments of joy, delight and love for life that Matisse delivers

Experience the warmth of Matisse’s works and delight in their unique presence. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by the warmth of Matisse’s message.

2,000won discount for SAC Patrons and SAC Gold(2 tickets per person), 2,000won for SAC Blue and Green(2 tickets per person)

Three-level building with six exhibition halls

  • 10:00 ~ 19:00
  • Closed on Mondays

Hangaram Art MuseumAn open space at the Seoul Arts Center.

The museum has three levels above ground and one level underground with six galleries , storage rooms, and art shops, which are equipped with temperature and humidity adjustment and lighting facilities. gallery 1 and 2 are located on the first floor, gallery 3 and 4 on the second floor, and gallery 5 and 6 on the third floor. Cafe Matisse is located in the center of the lobby while an art shop is located next to the entrance on the first floor, selling books , accessories , art works, etc.

Floor Plan

Plan of the first floor of Hangaram Museum of Art
Plan of the second floor of Hangaram Museum of Art
A plan on the third floor of Hangaram Museum of Art도

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