2021 Hic et Nunc! - A Tribute to Sukhi Kang

  • Date 2021-08-28(Sat)
  • Time20:00
  • Venue IBK Chamber Hall
  • AdmissionFor ages 8 and above
  • Running Time95 minutes
  • PriceGeneral seats 80,000won
  • Inquiry02-584-5494

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Sejong Soloists and Seoul National University College of Music, STUDIO2021 will co-present a concert “Tribute to Sukhi Kang” as part of the 2021 Hic Et Nunc Festival. Sukhi Kang was a visionary composer whose unique sound world included electronic music, film music, and innovative pieces which embraced traditional Korean instruments. His early studies in Europe tapped his sensibility for electronic sounds and his improvisatory nature. He was also a musical leader who facilitated collaborations among musicians, and an educator who nurtured the next generations.

In this performance, we trace the innovative moments that his music has created in various media, ranging from “Feast of Primary Colors” (1966); "Yebul," a Buddhist ceremonial service for male singers and percussionists (1968); “Five Pathetic Scenes” for gayageum (1998); and the documentary video “Prometheus Comes,” composed for the 1988 Olympic Torch Relay. In the second half “Fantasies” and “Four Seasons of PyeongChang” are presented. The Four Seasons of PyeongChang was commissioned by Sejong Soloists, and premiered in 2006 in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

[Sejong Soloists]
Hailed by CNN as “one of the top ensembles of today”, Sejong Soloists is a first-class chamber orchestra renowned for its exceptional dynamic style with ranges of quartet-like precision to full orchestra resonance. Sejong Soloists has performed over 500 concerts in more than 100 cities throughout the world, and is highly praised for its eclectic programming, documentaries, television broadcasts, and recordings.


"Sejong's virtuoso soloists shone.”
- The Times, London

"…Sejong Soloists is a polished ensemble that produces beautiful sounds and projects high spirits..."
- The Los Angeles Times

“…Sejong Soloists displayed a musical passion that warms the heart.”
- Classical Toulouse, France

“…at the Alte Oper Frankfurt [Sejong Soloists] impressively proved to be an artistically top-class formation...”
- Frankfurter Allgemeine, Germany

SNU New Music Series ‘STUDIO2021’

STUDIO2021 is a modern music series representing Seoul National University College of Music. Starting with Krzysztof Penderecki's invitational lecture in 2003, Sofia Asgatovna Gubaidulina, Tán Dùn, Michael Finnissy, David Ludwig, Wen-Sinn Yang, and Ensemble InterContemporain have been invited for lectures, master classes, workshops, reading sessions, forums and concerts with the members of the College of Music at Seoul National University.

‘Studio,’ referring to the workspace of musicians and ‘2021’ referring to 20th to 21st century works, STUDIO2021 exists to offer new artistic value by expressing the music of the present in innovative and transformative ways.

STUDIO2021 also focuses on creating new works and distinct branding for Seoul National University College of Music. Creating 'Nouvelles Études (2016-2018),’ an album of 12 composers and pianists, and 'For the New Music Community (2018-2020)’ represent such initiatives. “Simmering Goda,” a track from ‘For the New Music Community,’ was developed into a film. It won the 2020 World Film Carnival Singapore Music Video category and was admitted to official selection at the Cannes Short Film Festival, Independent Shorts Awards International Film Festival, and IndieX Film Festival.
10% discount for SAC Patrons and SAC Gold, 5% for SAC Blue and Green

Total seats 600

  • General seats594
  • Wheelchair seats6

IBK Chamber Halla dedicated performance hall optimized for chamber music.

The opening of the 2 stories, 600 seats IBKChamber Hall in 2011, a space created exclusively for chamber music, has provided a nesting place for chamber music within the domestic classical music scene. Every breath of the performers resonates to every seat in the house as if one was seated right next to the stage. We luxury of experiencing such vividness of emotions is what characterizes the IBK Chamber Hall.

Seating Charts

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you can see an actual view of the stage from your chosen seat.

seat chart (floor 1,2) of the IBK Chamber Hall1층A블록2열2번 1층A블록6열4번 1층A블록11열4번 1층A블록16열4번 1층B블록2열2번 1층B블록2열8번 1층B블록2열15번 1층B블록6열2번 1층B블록6열8번 1층B블록6열15번 1층B블록11열2번 1층B블록11열8번 1층B블록11열15번 1층B블록16열2번 1층B블록16열8번 1층B블록16열15번 1층C블록2열2번 1층C블록6열3번 1층C블록11열3번 1층C블록16열3번 2층A블록1열4번 2층A블록1열10번 2층A블록3열4번 2층A블록3열10번 2층A블록5열3번 2층B블록1열4번 2층B블록1열10번 2층B블록3열4번 2층B블록3열10번 2층B블록2열3번 BOX1블록3번 BOX1블록7번 BOX1블록10번
  • 1F 454 seats

    • General seats448
    • Wheelchair seats6
  • 2F 146 seats

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