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[Changed ] 2022 WIENER SYMPHONIKER KOREA TOUR (JUN 1) Conductors & Performer Changed

Hello, This is WCN.

We would like to inform you that the conductor and the performer have been changed due to health reasons.
We ask for your understanding of the audience who waited for this concert.

Conductor :  Philippe Jordan -> Hannah Chang
Performer :  Yefim Bronfman (Pf.) -> Gil Shaham(Vn.)

Cancellation or refund of tickets can be made without a fee, and please contact the customer center of each reservation.
If you cancel your reservation online, there will be a refund fee, so please make sure to get a refund through the call center.

Thank you.


[Inquiry about refund]
Inquiry(Ticket Office) : Seoul Arts Center 02-580-1300, Interpark Ticket 1544-1555