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[Opening postponed] 〈The Lion King International Tour〉 has delayed its opening.

〈The Lion King International Tour〉 has delayed its opening.

This is the production team of 〈The Musical, The Lion King International Tour〉.

We regret to inform you that 〈The Musical, The Lion King International Tour - Seoul〉, which was scheduled to start on January 9 (Sun), 2022, has inevitably postponed its opening due to problems with aircraft supply and demand caused by special quarantine measures. As the tour was rescheduled its opening on 29th of January (SAT), reservations for the performance from 9th to 28th (FRI) of January will be automatically cancelled and fully refunded without a cancellation fee.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the audience who booked and waited for the performance. We ask for your generous understanding. Audiences who have reserved performances for the period will be given an opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets when tickets are on sale, and more details will be provided in the next week.

Many thanks,

[Performances Cancelled]
January 9th (Sun) ~ January 28th (Fri) 2022

[Refund process]

1. Deposit without a bankbook.
1-1. Online application.
"Log in to each reservation destination's website"> "My Page"> "My Ticket"> "Reservation/Cancellation Details"> "Refund Account": Enter information
1-2. Call request.
Interpark (1544-1555), Seoul Arts Center (02-580-1300): Received refund account information.
*Please understand that it is possible to enter refund account information after receiving a "text message without a bankbook cancellation."
Text messages will be sent sequentially before the performance date, and refunds will take about 7 to 10 days from the date of account receipt.

2. Card payment.
It takes about 7 to 10 days for each credit card company to cancel or refund automatic approval collectively.
* Onpay (account, card), Kakao Pay, and PAYCO will be refunded sequentially just like credit cards. ⠀

[Inquiry about refund]
Seoul Arts Center 02-580-1300.
Interpark ticket 1544-1555