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Vaccine Pass Information for SAC Visitors

Vaccine Pass Information for SAC Visitors

Under current Korean government’s plan to adoption of a “vaccine pass” system (proof of full vaccination or a negative PCR test result), Seoul Arts Center implement it from the 6th of December.

Period of Mandatory Enforcement
January 4 (TUE) ~

Since the vaccine pass became mandatory on the 13th of December, only visitors who can show vaccine certificates can use Seoul Art Center facilities.
To avoid any confusion and inconvenience, please prepare the contents below in advance to ensure your access to SAC facilities. 

Vaccine Pass Regulations

Category Required Documents
Vaccinated Persons
Valid from the day after completing the third dose or booster shots - Digital certificate (COOV, Naver, Kakao, Pass Applications)
- Certificate of Immunization issued by Public Health Cent
- Immunization Sticker on ID issued by Community Center
*One of these three options must be shown
Non-vaccinated Person and exception
Negative Result of Covid-19 PCR Test (within 48 hours)
- Confirmation of Negative result of PCR Test from Public Health Center or Hospital (Paper document) 
- Negative result of PCR Test Message (Valid until midnight of the day when the notification is 48 hours old)
* One of the above must be shown
Recovered Person from Covid-19 status Confirmation of release from quarantine (Valid up to 6 months from release date)
Children and teenagers under 18 years old  Household register, medical insurance card (able to confirm date of birth)
Those with exceptions due to medical reasons Documents which can prove exceptions and a negative result from a public health center or hospital 

* If you received the COVID vaccine abroad then you will need to register this by taking a document to the Public Health Center, which will allow you to be approved through the COOV app.

Seoul Art Center will do our best to create a safe environment
 for audiences to enjoy our concerts.

Thank you.