The Opera House, a focal point of performing arts in Korea, is a large circular building 43,560m2 that consists of space dedicated to performance and spacious area.
It is characterized by the harmonious balance created among the backstage-fully equipped with state-of-the-art supporting facilities, a cozy and relaxing auditorium, and the public area used for resting, shopping and meeting.

Above all, it is a natural liaison between culture and life that brings unexpected pleasure to people visiting SAC for these kinds of various reasons.

Outfitted with a purple stage curtain and a shiny golden proscenium, the Opera Theater is an exclusive space for opera and ballet.
As the most representative space in the Opera House, it can accommodate performance running from original Korean musicals to modern dances to Western musicals.
Its auditorium the shape of horseshoe-seats 2,340 peoples.
Three supplementary stages enable the staging of a full-scale opera, thereby allowing the cast to prepare for the next scene or even a totally different group to rehearse their own production during a live performance on the main stage.
Its repertoire ranges from such classical masters as Mozart, Verdi and Wagner to Zimmerman's modern opera with the help of adequate machinery and lighting facilities.
A deep main stage, two house curtains and over thirty subsidiary curtains create the best possible conditions for actors and scenic designers.
Audience can indulge in the excitement of the spectacular stage thanks to the proper angle of vision secured from their seats. Besides, a practice room is saved for each genre - opera, ballet and play- and the set construction center, dressing rooms for the cast and the staff and a green room are also in place to make a more perfect production.

This 710-seat Theater is designed to host not only conventional plays but also dances, musicals, opera bouffes and operettas.
Its function is basically the same as the Opera Theater, except it operates on a smaller scale.
It can assimilate a wide range or genres from classic to modern works.
Its proscenium stage is apt for a traditional play, and versatile stage gimmicks give the director much latitude in staging his or her production.

This compact Theater -primarily for experimental and avant-garde performances- can easily adjust its audience capacity from 300 to 600.
Since there is no distinction between stage and auditorium, it can be freely transformed into an arena,
proscenium or thrust stage depending on director's intention.
It is also fresh in its attempt to boldly expose the lighting bridge, point hoist and lanterns.

The Public Area of the Opera House begins from the Performing Arts Exhibition Hall that immediately leads to the underpass and the parking lot.
And it is open to everyone regardless of performance schedule. If you stand on the second floor lobby, a view of the wide rotunda opening up to the sixth floor is unfurled.
108 meters long in diameter, the Opera House houses an art shop, a coffee shop and a cafeteria in the Public Area.
The Opera Theater ticketing office is also located on the second floor lobby. Restaurants on the fifth floor that specialize in various types of food with providing a nice bird's-eye view of Seoul.
This is a multi-purpose space where you can relax, shop, dine and purchase tickets or even hold private functions.

Our Service Plaza is, the first of its kind to be opened in national art center here we are, introduced the concept of service marketing to the culture and art business, to make the SAC a more friendly and comfortable place for visitors.
Situated on the second floor of the Opera House, the 165 area functions as a customer service center, information center, ticket reservation office and resting lounge exclusively reserved for customers and handles all the questions and information requests regarding SAC.
It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to provide information on ticket reservations, lost and found through the customer service center, which also registers customer complaints and suggestions.
Telephone information: 02-580-1234 (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)