[ The Stage Technical Information of Opera House ]

The Opera House, the head of performance-arts in Korea, is the grand space has 6 floors aboveground and 1 floor underground. And in the Opera House, the works of various genres and styles from opera, musical, and play to ballet and from classical, and modern to avant-garde works, have been performed.
The Opera House consists of the Opera Theater for operas which are called the 'Synthetic Arts', the Towol Theater for plays only, the Jayu Small Theater for the avant-garde and the experimental performances, 6 rehearsal rooms (for opera, ballet, play, dance, chorus, acting), the many attached places, and the facilities. Through the cooperation of these supreme staffs and facilities, the Opera House gives the strength and activeness to the field of performance arts.
In this chapter, through the detailed explanation about the stage technical information of the Opera House, we want to enhance the understanding about the stage's characteristics, and to seek the high-level stage utilized the various techniques.

Rehearsal Room

The Opera House of the Seoul Arts Center(SAC) has 6 rehearsal rooms according to the purposes. The rooms have the good interior-decoration and the attendant facilities to use conveniently for the users. Each one is classified into opera, ballet, play, dance, chorus, and acting rehersal rooms. The following is the list of the sizes and the attendant facilities of the rehersal rooms.

List of Rehearsal Rooms in Opera House

Name Location Size(sq.yds.) Facilities
Opera Rehearsal Room 2nd Floor, Left Stage Side 395.4 piano, whole-side mirror etc.
Ballet Rehearsal Room 2nd Floor, Left Stage Side 328.2 piano, whole-side mirror etc.
Play Rehearsal Room 2nd Floor, Left Stage Side 197.7 piano, whole-side mirror etc.
Dancing Rehearsal Room 3rd Floor, Right Stage Side 142.3 piano, whole-side mirror etc.
Choir Rehearsal Room 4th Floor, Right Stage Side 170 piano, whole-side mirror, assembly riser(seats for Choir) etc.
Acting Rehearsal Room 5th Floor, Right Stage Side 102.3 piano, whole-side mirror etc.