[ The Stage Technical Information of Music Hall ]

As Rostrovobich and Isacc Stern praise highly, the Music Hall itself including its sound-conditions, stage-facilities, auditoriums, and attached spaces is like a huge instrument.
The Music Hall harmonizing its Korean-style appearance with the modern atmosphere has the Concert Hall for the large performances and the Recital Hall for small ones. It also has the attached facilities like the stage-sized rehearsal rooms, the resting rooms for performers, 24 make-up rooms, etc.
Especially, the Orchestra Festival which is the greatest music festival in Korea being held in every spring in the Music Hall is the grandeur harmony of music arts came from both this huge instrument and the planning of Seoul Arts Center.
Besides, it tries to have the high-level stage equipment for music performances and provide the high performances for audience.
In the following introduced stage-technique information of the Music Hall, you can see the instruments list of the Music Hall, the stage ground-plan, and the brief introduction about the stage-equipment of the Concert Hall, and the Recital Hall.
This information is to help for the all performances in the Music Hall.

List of Instruments and Stage Equipment in Music Hall

A. General Instruments

【 List of Instruments in Music Hall 】

Item Model Manufacturing Company Quantity
Contra Bass BUSETTO 314 POLLMAN(Germany) 2
Vibra Phone 2500(S/N 0190) YAMAHA(Japan) 1
Marimba YM 4900(Ser 1099) YAMAHA(Japan) 1
Timpani LKB 505KG (20/23/26/29/32/532K) LUDWIG(USA) 5/set 1 set
Drum PRC 1392 (S/N 3748, 2348, 2056, 3326) YAMAHA(Japan) 4/set 1 set
Bass Drum LECB 40*9B YAMAHA(Japan) 1
Gong(Tam-Tam) 23(ANO-017) 36(ANO-017) PAISTE(USA) 1 set
Cymbal 15"/18(2ea) 20" ZILDJIAN 1
Chime bel M-661(S/N BO172) MUSSER 1
Glokenspiel YG1000S YAMAHA(Japan)

B. Keyboard instuments

【List of Piano in Music Hall】

Item Model Manufacturing Company Quantity
Grand Piano (Concert Style) D-274CM 501570
D-274CM 501610
D-274CM 501640
D-274CM 501656
D-274CM 501699
D-290CM 39690-9533 B SENDORFER(Austria) 1
Cembalo (Baroque Style)
NEUPERT(Germany) 1

C. Stage Equipment

【List of Stage Equipment in Music Hall】

Item Model Manufacturing Company Quantity
Music Stand new model CROVA 131
old model CROVA 135
Music Stand for Conductor new model CROVA 2
old model CROVA 3
Chair 1
Chair 2
Chair 3
Chair 4 new model MIDOSA 6
old model MIDOSA 19
Contrabass Podium

Violin Podium large   5
small   3
Vioin Cello Podium     1
Harp Podium     1
Podium     Quartet brass instruments arrangement/6 levels chorus podium