The only exclusive calligraphy exhibition Hall in the world, the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum is the center of the attention of all the calligraphy lovers and calligraphers.
The 8,517m2 space, along with the National Institute of Traditional Performing Arts, the Hill Stage for traditional performing arts and the Korean Garden, are the showcase of SAC's particular concern and care about the traditional art.
Here the traditional beauty of ancient calligraphy and the erratic deviation of modern works can be witnessed all year round on harmonious display in ten exhibition halls located on two different levels and in one corridor hall.
It also offers a wide variety of educational programs on writing style, Hangul (Korean alphabet) calligraphy and even the traditional literati painting, both in theory and practice.

The Conference Hall on the fourth floor is for conventions and seminars.

Conference Hall

Large conference room - A spacious 25 square yards, is a multi-purpose hall designed for international conferences and symposiums, and accommodates up to 250 people with changeable seats for small scale concerts and plays.

Small conference room - about 16 square yards, is suitable for small scale functions and seminars accommodating up to 60 people.

Large conference room   Small conference room

The 1,320m2 Kid's World on the first floor of the Hall takes care of preschool kids under the guidance of experienced teachers and assistants while their parents enjoy the performance. It is well furnished with diverse playthings and toys as well as other educational materials.
It is opened from 30 minutes before the show until 30 minutes after the show for the children of ages between 4 and 7(preschool children) who are accompanied by parents with tickets of the day.