Located on the left wing of the SAC complex, a 15,434m2 structure plays host to all types of visual and formative arts.
It houses wide open areas by knocking down between the first & second floor that allow enough room for gigantic-scale paintings, five exhibition halls, a storage room and an art shop.
It plays a significant role along with the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum in SAC's programs.
Its temperature and humidity are under full control, and its lighting system is also prudently well-devised.
The expansive Fine Arts Plaza between the Hangaram Art Museum and the Arts Library provides a venue for outdoor sculpture exhibitions and performances.

The educational programs for adults on oil, watercolor, ink paintings and textile and the summer art school for kids make the Hangaram Art Museum an ever more exciting place of both learning and fun.

Hangaram Art Museum is a complex exhibition gallery which showcases all kinds of formative arts. It has 4 stories aboveground and 1 underground level for a total of almost 1200 square yards. There are 5 exhibition halls, a storage facility, an art shop and a cafeteria. Hangaram Art Museum has been instrumental in transforming Korean exhibition culture with its diverse exhibitions of international scale.

59 sq. yd. storage area with complete
anti-temperature and humidity controls.
A comfortable and formative lobby. An art shop which sells creative works,
art books and cultural commodities.