Location Map
Opera House

The Opera House of the Seoul Arts Center offers three different scale venues for performing arts, ranging from the traditional European classics such as grand operas and ballets to the most experimental and contemporary works.
They are the Opera Theater for big productions, with 2,300 seats.
The Towol Theater for medium size drama productions, with 700 seats,
and the Jayu Theater, dedicated to new and experimental works, with a flexible stage and audience area that accommodates form 300-500.

Music House

The Music House has been the most well-played and well-designed concert hall in Korea both in terms of acoustics and the exterior.
In the building are two music hall; one for large orchestral and choral concert, the Concert Hall, and the other for recital and small chamber, the Recital Hall, It is also equipped with rehearsal rooms of full stage size and, needless to say, dressing and green rooms.
In the foyer is the coffee shop where you can buy music - related products.

Hangaram Art Museum
Offering a spacious exhibition area of 15,461m2,divided into five galleries on four different levels, plus the outdoor sculpture plaza, the Hangaram Art Museum features a wide variety of exhibitions through out the year which reflects current arts movement, It is busiest area in the daytime of the Center outreaching its artistic and educational function to four corners of communities.

Arts Library (Hangaram Design Art Museum)
The Arts Library, located in between the Music House and the Hangaram Art Museum, provides the general public, artists and arts students with bountiful data and information on arts and culture beyond the boundaries of time and ideology. Equipped with a hands-on computer data sourcing system and audio-visual apparatus, you will find travel to a different time and culture not too exhausting. You can spend a day reading original plays, watching arts films in archive and browsing through a colorful history of various fields of arts.

Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum

The Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum offers an oriental attraction where you can contemplate arts as well as yourself.
Though it offers a quiet place from the hustling city life, management staffs are never quiet in promoting and exchanging international calligraphy exhibitions, competitions and education programs.
A visit to the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum gives you an insight into how oriental literature transforms into visual art.
Hill Stage

The Hill Stage with 1,300 seats offers venue for various performing arts, ranging from classics to experimental and popular works.
:: In addition, there are Five Outdoor Event Spaces. The Fine Arts Plaza, located in front area of the Hangaram Art Museum, where major Sculpture festivals and installation competitions take place, was designed to make a connection between open areas and museum space. The Music Plaza which is the center of the site has been designed more for out-door performances such as summer Outdoor Film Festivals.