Parking Guide

Parking lots for over 1,500 cars are available for visitors
For convenience, there are four parking lots.

- Parking Lot No.1 :

Music House (Concert Hall & Recital Hall),
Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum (Exhibition Hall & Reception Room)
Music Plaza

- Parking Lot No.2 & No.3 :    

Opera House
(Opera Theater, Towol Theater, Jayu Theater)
Stairs Plaza
Fine Arts Plaza

- Parking Lot No.4 :

Hangaram Art Museum
Hangaram Design Art Museum (Arts Library)
Hill Stage
Mt. Woomyun

- Service Hours : 07:00 - 23:00

- Advance payment is available for the audience.


Small Sized Vehicles

Large Sized Vehicles
(2.5 ton and over)


Basic Charge
For 30 minutes or less

1,000 won

4,000 won

Additional Charge
For every 30 minutes

1,000 won

2,000 won

Whole Day

15,000 won

30,000 won

After 6:00 pm

3,000 won
For 30 minutes 1,000 won
For 1 hour 2,000 won

8,000 won
For 30 minutes 4,000 won
For 1 hour 6,000 won

Service Hour

07:00 - 23:00

In the case that the slip's lost

Counted from the opening to departing or whole day charge

Season Pass

100,000 won a month

200,000 won a month


Free when turn and depart within 10 minutes

No all night parking, or a fine of 15,000 won

When the slip's lost, counted from the opening

Uniformly 3,000 won for the audience with a ticket

The visitors are responsible for any loss and accident

For booking, free for 50 minutes

: at the information desks on the 1st fl. of the Music House and the Opera Theater
: from 19:00 to the final performance of the day on weekdays
: from 14:30 to the final performance of the day on weekends

- Parking Lot No.4 is free for climbers of Mt. Woomyun till 10:00 am.