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Performing Venues

Music Hall, click to enlarge
Music Hall

Music Hall consists of Concert Hall, Recital Hall and IBK Chamber Hall connected together by a foyer. This section for instrumental performances, has gained acknowledgements from world's renowned musicians such as M. Rostropovich and I. Stern for its perfect acoustic architecture. Indeed, the whole building is often hailed as a huge instrument for its excellent sound and stage facilities, auditorium and other spaces.

Concert Hall, click to enlargeConcert Hall
The Concert Hall is the first of its kind built exclusively for concerts in Korea. The horseshoe shaped hall with 2,523 seats and three stories is acclaimed for its ideal acoustics by numerous artists who have a performance here. Remodeled and renovated in 2005, Concert Hall demonstrates its superb sound in every concert.

IBK Chamber Hall, click to enlargeIBK Chamber Hall
The venue with 600 seats is the music hall dedicated to chamber music, designated to accommodate closer communication between performers and audiences. (opened in 2011)

Recital Hall, click to enlargeRecital Hall
The Recital Hall with 354 seats and two levels is suitable for concerts demanding more clear sound than reverberation. It thus appeal more to new performers who dream of their debut stage, young players who return from overseas studies to perform in Korea for the first time, chamber orchestras which touch the audience with a perfect harmony of ensemble, and musicians who introduce experimental music.

pera House, 放大
Opera House

Since its opening in 1993, Opera House has been a landmark of the Seoul Arts Center, which features a unique shape of a “gat (Korean traditional hat made of bamboo)”. It has three separate theaters: Opera Theater ideal for grand operas, ballets and musicals, Towol Theater built exclusively for plays, and the Jayu Theater for experimental and avant-garde performances.

Opera Theater, click to enlargeOpera Theater
The 2,340-seat facility exclusively for opera and ballet is a classical horseshoe-shaped theater with a proscenium arch, equipped with state-of-the-art staging lighting and sound systems. The proscenium arch shape of the Opera Theater allows the creation of a spectacular stage with a lively perspective. It is also possible to quickly transform the 450㎡-sized main stage, as well as the right, left and back stages using a computerized system. The sound facilities harmonize the clearness of the human voice and instrumental sounds by adjusting the reverberation time from 1.2 to 1.5 seconds for the opera performance. Also, stage effects are maximized with high-tech sound and lighting equipments.

CJ Towol Theater, click to enlargeCJ Towol Theater
The theater is equipped with a proscenium arch, highly adaptable stage and latest stage mechanisms, designated specifically for plays. The venue was closed for major renovations from August 2011. It is reopened February 2013 with increased seating capacity to 1,000.

Jayu Theater, click to enlargeJayu Theater
The Jayu Theater is an experimental space which removes the barrier between the stage and the audience. The auditorium can be changed to accommodate up to 300 seats and to stage diverse genres of perfoming. The height-adjustable stage enables the venue to stage three-dimensional and avant-garde performances while the lighting bridge, point hoist and other equipment are exposed in an open space.


Hangaram Art Museum, click to enlarge
Hangaram Art Museum

Hangaram Art Museum is located on the left wing of Seoul Arts Center, being true to its function as a space for plastic arts. The museum has three levels above ground and one level underground with six exhibition rooms, storage rooms, and art shops, which are equipped with temperature and humidity adjustment and lighting facilities. In particular, the luminous ceiling system enables a full appreciation of art works by creating a bright indoor atmosphere similar to natural light. Also, it allows a great view of large works as the first and second floors are not divided. Exhibition Room 1 and 2 are located on the first floor, Exhibition Room 3 and 4 on the second floor, and Exhibition 5 and 6 on the third floor. Cafe Matisse is located in the center of the lobby while an art shop is located next to the entrance on the first floor, selling books, accessories, art works, etc.

▶ Opening Hours :
   March~October 11:00~20:00
   November~February 11:00~19:00

▶ Closed on last Monday of every month

Seoul Calligaphy Art Museum, click to enlarge
Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum

Seoul Calligraphy Museum, which opened in 1988, is the world's first-ever exhibition venue dedicated to calligraphy. Traditional works as well as contemporary works are continuously presented in 5 exhibition halls. The oriental atmosphere of the calligraphy museum is the only one in the world which preserves the culture of the Chinese characters, and thus has been drawing many foreign visitors. There is also a calligraphy education academy which is open to the general public.

▶ Opening Hours :
   March~October 11:00~20:00
   November~February 11:00~19:00

▶ Closed on last Monday of every month

Hangaram Design Museum, click to enlarge
Hangaram Design Museum

Hangaram Design Museum has been built to awaken public interest in design by showing innovative contemporary exhibitions and events. The building consists of the followings: Design Art Museum and Café Design operated by the Seoul Arts Center on the first floor and Korea National Archives of the Arts (KNAA) on the second and third floor.

▶ Opening Hours :
   March~October 11:00~20:00
   November~February 11:00~19:00

▶ Closed on last Monday of every month

Other Facilities

Outdoor Areas

Culture Plaza, click to enlarge
Culture Plaza

1) Music Plaza

The Music Plaza, located between the Music Hall and the Seoul Calligraphy Museum, is the main recreation area of the Seoul Arts Center. It accommodates diverse special programs and outdoor performances, such as outdoor movie festivals. The World Music Fountain, which is the most famous attraction of the Seoul Arts Center's Culture Plaza, as well as Cafe Mozart.

2) Stairs Plaza

The Stairs Plaza is a space for experimental, amateur programs which use stairs as a motive.

3) Shinsegae Square

The Shinsegae Square, dedicated to fine arts and performing arts, is located between the Hangaram Art Museum and the Hangaram Design Art Museum.

Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage
Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage
Located between the Hangaram Art Museum and the Design Art Museum, it provides quality entertainments with performances of diverse genres, including jazz, ballet, movie, b-boying, exhibition, etc., to become a comfortable resting place for visitors. The outdoor performances allow people to enjoy a unique and free atmosphere

World Music Fountain, click to enlarge
World Music Fountain
This spectacular fountain is a popular site for visitors since its opening in 2002. It dances to well-known songs selected by experts and displays a more magnificent view at night with lighting.

○ Operating Days:2014.03.15 -11.09 (closed on rainy days)
○ Operating Hours :
- Weekdays(Tue - Sat) : 12:00~13:00, 18:40~19:50, 21:30~22:20
- Weekend, public holidays : 12:00~13:00, 18:30~19:50, 21:30~22:20
See the Music Fountain Program!

World Music Fountain

Vitamin Station, click to enlarge
Vitamin Station
The underground space between the Hangaram Art Museum and the Hangaram Design Art Museum was created in December 2008 to boost the convenience of visitors. Since its opening, the Vitamin Station has become a new landmark and attraction as well as a popular meeting place for visitors.
Vitamin Station is an open space which provides the following facilities: Information & Tickets* providing ticketing and reservation services; Hangaram Art Museum Gallery 7, which are small exhibition spaces introducing works of diverse genres; various food and beverage facilities including Italian restaurant Ristorante Bellini and coffee shop Cafe Bauhaus; shops and convenience facilities.

* Information & Tickets (Old. Service Plaza) (Tel:02-580-1300(+ Press "0"))
   Business Hours :

   On-site reservations (09:00 - 20:00) ㅣ Telephone reservations (09:00 - 18:00) ㅣ Inquiries (09:00 - 20:00)
   * Open throughout the year

Vitamin Station

Seoul Arts Center PR Zone @700, click to enlarge
Seoul Arts Center PR Zone @700

Seoul Arts Center created its PR zone all over the Opera House (Vitamin Station, CJ Towol Theater lobby, etc.) to share historical moments for the arts center. It was opened to the public on February 15, 2013, titled ‘@700' named after its location (700, Seochodong).

Vitamin Station (Opera House, B1) exhibits the resources on the foundation and operation of Seoul Arts Center including scale model of the center, architectural model designed by architect Seok-Cheol Kim, etc.

Exhibits offered by resident organizations including Korea National Opera and Korean National Ballet are on display at <G Clef> and <Bass Clef>; small halls between M and 2nd floor of Opera House. The chronology of special performances presented by Seoul Arts Center is also displayed at the places.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary, the footsteps of Korea's culture and arts with Seoul Arts Center is introduced in the CJ Towol Theater lobby (3rd floor of the Opera House).

Seoul Arts Center PR Zone @700

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