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Seoul Arts Center has two car parks: Opera Parking Lot & Music Hall Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Parking Rates:
First 30 minutes: Free
Every additional 15 minutes: 1,000won

Parking Discount
Ticket Holders Performance   First 5 hours for 4,000 won
Exhibition   First 3 and a half hours for 3,000 won
Cafes Visitors   1,000 won per 1 hour
* One-day parking permits (5,000won) are available for the following cases:
   1) Attending more than two performance per day
   2) Attending one performance and one exhibition per day
   3) Attending more than three exhibition per day
   4) SAC Academy attendees with one performance or exhibition
   5) SAC Academy attendees taking more than 2 courses
   It can be purchased at the information & Tickets (Old. Service Plaza) (Operating Hours: 9AM-
   8:00PM) which is located in the Vitamin Station.

* 50% discount for compact-sized cars or hybrid vehicles
   (Parking discounts for hybrid vehicles are applied at the parking gate)

We have operated the automated parking fee payment system to shorten visitor's waiting time.

   - Automatic Pay Station Locations: 12 places including Music Hall, Opera House, Vitamin Station, etc.
      (See map above)
   - In case you have tickets without any barcode such as exhibition tickets, you should pay in advance after
      issuing barcode through Barcode Issuing Machine (Located in the lobby of the museum) or the information
      & Tickets (Old. Service Plaza) in order to receive a discount on the parking fee

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