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SAC Tour, Beautiful Life with Seoul Arts Center

 1) Target
     Individual: 40 persons can be signed up through
     on-line reservation on a first-come, first-served basis (
     Group : a group of more than 40 people can be signed up through a phone reservation
     (※ Foreigner : Needed to accompany a translator (Korean))

 2) Tour Fee
     Students and teenagers 3,000 won
     University students and adults 5,000 won
     * Parking fee (2 hours) 2,000 won
     * No discounts available for groups

 3). Regulation on ticket reservation for the SAC Tour
     01. No charge for reserving tickets
     02. No charge for changing dates (however, changes can only be made at the call center (580-1300))
     03. Charges for ticket cancellation - 10% of the ticket price
           Cancellation is only allowed until 5pm of the day before the tour

 4) To Sign Up
     01. Confirm the tour schedule
     02. Make a reservation through the internet
     03. Receive tickets at the SAC

 5) Attention
     01. If you are late for the appointed tour time, you cannot attend the tour. (Cancellations are not allowed
           on the day of the tour)
     02. If there are less than 10 people for the tour, the tour schedule may be changed to another time.
           (Participants will be informed by The SAC in advance) )
     03. Due to limited space and availability, , please check the date announced at the SAC website and make
           reservations in advance.
     04. If you want to change or cancel a reservation, it will be handled according to the regulation on ticket
     05. Please use public transportation during the peak season or on weekends due to limited parking space.
     06. The tour course may change according to circumstances of performances.

 6) Inquiries :

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