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[ 2016/7/30 ~ 2016/12/31 ]  

Title Period
 6th World Vision 2016 International Children`s Choir Festiva 2016.08.08(MON)
 6th WorldVision 2016 International Children`s Choir Festival 2016.08.09(TUE)
 SAC 11am Concert 2016.08.11(THU)
 6th WorldVision 2016 International Children`s Choir Festival 2016.08.11(THU)
 The 23rd Summer Vacation Youth Concert with commentary 2016.08.12(FRI)
 16th Aniversary Concert of Seoul Woman Singers 2016.08.13(SAT)
 2016 SAC Youth Concert (AUG) 2016.08.13(SAT)
 Classic Concert for Youth on Summer Vacation 2016.08.14(SUN)
 Liberation anniversary Concert 2016.08.15(MON)
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