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[ 2017/1/21 ~ 2017/12/31 ]  

Title Period
 Vienna Boys Choir New Year`s Concert 2017.01.21(SAT)
 Korail Symphony Orchestra Concert 2017.01.21(SAT)
 Vienna Boys Choir New Year`s Concert 2017.01.22(SUN)
 ARKO Contemporary Orchestra Music Festival 2017.01.23(MON)
 The 714th Subscription Concert 2017.01.24(TUE)
 2017 MONEY TODAY New Year`s Concert 2017.01.31(TUE)
 Citi Philharmoni Orchestra The 15th Regular Concert 2017.02.01(WED)
 To The Beautiful You 2017.02.02(THU)
 KCO Special Concert 2017.02.03(FRI)
 Pianist H.J.Lim Concert 2017.02.04(SAT)
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