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-제주시대_포스터 arts what project 1: see & spring JEJU
Period 2018.04.05(THU) - 2018.04.11(WED)
Time 11:00-20:00
Venue Hangaram Art Museum
Tickets Adults (19 full years~) 10,000won / Teens (14~18 full years) 5,000won / Child (3~13 full years) 5,000won
Discount for SAC Members 2,000won discount for SAC Patrons and SAC Gold(4 tickets per person), for SAC Blue and Green(2 tickets per person)
Admission For All Ages
Running Time min.
Inquiries 02-837-6611
Booking Performance : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/perform/detail?searchSeq=34925
Exhibition : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/exhibit/detail?searchSeq=34925

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오전 11시 - 오후 8시 (입장마감 오후 7시) 

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