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홈페이지 메인사진 교체 Le Corbuiser Special Exbihition
Period 2016.12.06(TUE) - 2017.03.26(SUN)
Time 11:00-19:00 (MAR 11:00-20:00)
Venue Hangaram Design Museum
Tickets Adults(19 full years~) 15,000won / Teens(13~18 full years) 10,000won / Children(7~12 full years) 8,000won
Discount for SAC Members 2,000 won discount for SAC Gold(4tickets) & SAC Blue(2tickets) members
Admission For All Ages
Running Time min.
Inquiries 02)532-4407
Booking Performance : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/perform/detail?searchSeq=29407
Exhibition : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/exhibit/detail?searchSeq=29407

The exhibition that’s divided in eight sections has been organized in the chronological order of the legendary modern architect Le Corbusier’s life, displaying about 500 works of paintings, sculptures, drawings, sketches and models, loaned by the Fondation Le Corbusier.

After walking through the first part of the exhibition displaying photographs of the 17 buildings on the Unesco World Heritage List, visitors can see 140 sketches and watercolor drawings on small pieces of paper, which had never been exhibited outside the foundation before.

The final section displays a 1:1 replica of Le Corbusier’s holiday home in the south of France facing the Mediterranean sea. This 172-square-foot minimal unit is equipped with a super single sized bed, where his wife Yvonne slept, a sink, a table and a toilet.

In Korean

하절기(3월~10월) : 오전 11시 - 오후 8시 (관람종료 1시간 전 입장마감)
[현장매표소 운영시간]
하절기(3월~10월) 10:40~19:00
*위치 : 한가람디자인미술관 1층 로비
[도슨트 운영]
평일 정규도슨트 : 11시반, 1시반, 3시반, 5시반(4회)
주말 도슨트 : 정해진 시간없이 운영됩니다 (전시장 사정에 따라 진행되지 않을 수도 있습니다.)

*오디오가이드: 한가람디자인미술관 1층 로비 / 대여비 3,000원
[문화가 있는 날]
- 매월 마지막 수요일은 문화가 있는 날! (12/28, 1/25, 2/22)
- 기본가에서 50%할인 (중복할인불가, 현장매표소에서만 할인 가능)
- 할인적용 기간 : 행사 당일 18:00~20:00 (현장매표소에서 티켓구매시 적용가능)
- 야간연장개관 진행 : 오전 11시 ~ 오후 9시(관람종료 1시간 전까지 입장권 구매 가능)

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