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현대백화점 SUPER STAGE_쿠사마 야요이 포스터 KUSAMA YAYOI : A Dream I Dreamed
Period 2014.05.04(SUN) - 2014.06.17(TUE)
Time 10:00-20:00
Venue Hangaram Art Museum
Tickets Adults(19 ~ 64 full years) 15,000won / Teens(13 ~ 18 full years) 10,000won / Children(36 months ~ 12 full years) 8,000won / (Spacial Fare - Over 65 years 6,000won)
Discount for SAC Members 3,000 won discount for SAC Gold(4tickets) members, 2,000 won discount for SAC Blue(2tickets) members / 3,000won discount for Hyundai Card (2tickets)
Admission For All Ages
Running Time 90 min.
Inquiries 02-580-1300
Booking Performance : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/perform/detail?searchSeq=18240
Exhibition : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/exhibit/detail?searchSeq=18240

Exhibition Run Extended Two Days for Kusama Yayoi

Due to popular demand Hangaram Museum decided to extend the exhibition until June 17, 2014 (TUE). That is two more days than it was originally planned. Thank you in advance for your interest for the event.

Extended Two Days: June 16 (Mon) & 17 (Tue)
Opening Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm (*Last Entry: 7:00pm)

* Docent program is not available for the extra two days.
* Guide book including work descriptions and conversations with the artist can be purchased.

KUSAMA YAYOI : A Dream I Dreamed


< 草間弥生展、2日間展示延長! >



* 延長期間中は、ドーセント(解説案内)プログラムは実施しておりません。
* 作品説明及び作家対談を収録した作品ガイドブックの販売をしております。

2014年に必ず見るべき展示、草間彌生(KUSAMA YAYOI : A Dream I Dreamed)展。今年の春、ハンガラム美術館の全館で展開される今回の展示では、ありふれた素材が芸術になる過程と誰も決して考え及ばなかった方式で近寄った彼女の様々な作品120点余りが紹介されます。作品に込められた面白さ、インスピレーション、哲学などをもとに構成される今回の展示で現代美術の巨匠、日本最高の作家、草間彌生の驚きと感動を感じてみてください。


< 草间弥生(Yayoi Kusama)大展将延长2天! >


延长展览时间 : 6月16日 ~ 6月17日(2天)
开放时间 : 上午10点 ~ 下午8点(到下午7点为止)

* 此次展览期间不提供讲解员服务。
* 正在销售包括作品说明、与作家对话在内的作品指南。

2014年必需参观的展览会即草间弥生(KUSAMA YAYOI : A Dream I Dreamed)展!今年春春季将由Hangaram美术馆举办展览。此次展览介绍常见材料成为艺术作品的过程,也介绍以她自己与众不同的想法创造的120多件艺术作品,丰富多彩!此次展览将以作品所含的兴趣、灵感、哲学等为基础构成,尽情享受现代美术的巨匠、日本最大作家草间弥生所提供的惊异和感动!

In Korean

★★ 예술의전당 멤버십 데이! 쿠사마 야요이 50%할인 ★★
예술의전당 멤버십 데이: 6월 2일(월), 9일(월)
예술의전당 오페라하우스 지하 1층 비타민스테이션 내 공식매표소 현장구매 시
성인(만19세-) 7,500원 / 청소년(만13세-18세) 5,000원 / 어린이(36개월이상-12세) 4,000원
(후원, 골드, 블루, 예술의전당우리V플래티늄회원 1인 2매 50% 할인/ 만65세 이상은 중복 적용하지 않습니다.)
쿠사마 야요이 전

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