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770sajf_포스터_710 Seoul Arts Center JAZZ FESTA
Period 2012.09.08(SAT) - 2012.09.09(SUN)
Time 09/08 18:00 , 09/09 18:00
Venue Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage
Tickets 1-Day Ticket 33,000won / 2-Day Ticket 55,000won / (Ticket price at the door on the day of the performance: 40,000won)
Discount for SAC Members 20% discount for SAC Gold, 10% for Blue members
Admission For above elementary school
Running Time 180 min.
Inquiries 02)528-4077
Booking Performance : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/perform/detail?searchSeq=15648
Exhibition : http://www.sacticket.co.kr/SacHome/exhibit/detail?searchSeq=15648

* The events will happen as planned, rain or shine. In case of rain, plastic raincoat will be given to audiences.

The first Seoul Arts Center JAZZ FESTA is set for two-day event from 8-9 September with stellar line-up of performances including collaboration stage of top jazz pianists, Malo & BMK, La Ventana with indie band 10cm and ‘Big Band Meets Harmonica on the Stage!’ performed by 17-member big band Jazzpark and harmonica player Je Duk Jun.

Day 1 (09.08.SAT)
P4 Concert with 4 Jazz Pianists
G2 Concert with Guitarist Ju Won Park & Woo Joon Choi
V2 Concert with Malo and BMK

Day 2 (09.09.SUN)
Jazz Hip-Hop Band KUMA PARK with Paloalto
La Ventana with 10cm
Jazzpark Big Band with Je Duk Jun

JAZZ FESTA Ticket Information
Single Day Tickets: 33,000won
(Ticket price at the door on the day of the performance: 40,000won)
2-Day Tickets: 55,000won
(NOTE: 2-Day Tickets are only available IN PERSON)


In Korean

내일(9/9(일))은 매우 일교차가 클 것으로 예상되오니,
즐거운 공연관람을 위해 따뜻한 복장으로 준비해서 와주시기 바랍니다.

※ 본 공연은 예매시, 지정한 좌석번호와 상관없이 공연당일 선착순 입장에 의한 자유석입니다. (공연시작 1시간 전부터 입장가능)
※ 2일권은 웹예매 불가하며, 콜센터 02-580-1300 및 예술의전당 서비스플라자 방문예매 가능 (방문예매 시 잔여석 확인 요망)

예술의전당 재즈 페스타

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