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다산 Special Exhibiton 31: DASAN, JEONG YAK-YONG
Period 2012.06.16(SAT) - 2012.07.22(SUN)
Time 11:00
Venue Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum
Tickets Adult 5,000won / Student 3,000won
Discount for SAC Members 3,000 won discount Gold 4ticket/person, Blue 2tickets/person
Admission For All Ages
Running Time min.
Inquiries 02)580-1300

Jeong Yak-Yong, also known as Dasan (meaning “Tea Mountain”), is one of Joseon’s most renowned scholars, produced a vast number of influential books on a wide range of areas in the later Joseon Dynasty (18th century). To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the great thinker’s birth, Seoul Arts Center hosts special exhibition with his books, pictures, drawings and relics.

Mokminsimseo (The Mind of the Governing the People)

Yeolcho Sansudo (geographical picture of hills and water)

Yeolcho Sansudo

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