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Youth Concert

The Concert for the Youth is programmed for the youth in order to help them to sample the sounds of music culture and to become acquainted with the classical music by the Seoul Arts Center, which has prepared for various performing arts programs for them. It has been regarded as a model that a classical music concert ought to be. It has also made a record of, "every seat has been booked", owing to the enthusiastic encouragement of the youth.
So far the Concert for the Youth has tried various forms of concert. Traveling the country that was background of a certain classical music, it introduced the musical characteristics and culture.
Programs were made with various repertories on a subject, or according to a 'musical form' in order to give more detailed accounts of the musical terms, signs and genres. Moreover it gives the audience a chance to join in the concert. Year by year the Concert is getting popular among the youth and gives them a chance to enjoy the fresh and different music world.
Making reference to the repertory and episode, it breaks the concert conventions and opens up a new genre. It can afford to provide the youth who show rapid growth physically and mentally with wide understanding and new experience of various genres of music.