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World Choral Festival

The World Choral Festival invites choruses, both acknowledged and recommended in every respect, in order that the home choral circle may have an opportunity to learn a lot of lessons from them.
Since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games when the Culture and Arts Festival was acknowledged as the most outstanding cultural event and came up in conversation, the World Choral Festival has been held biennially.
It promotes world harmony through choruses, and introduces us to their music as cultural assets. IFCM shows much interest in it.
In the meantime, it became a unique international choral festival both in name and reality.
Particularly the '94 World Choral Festival celebrated Seoul's 600th birthday.
Since 600 years ago, the capital of our country was transferred to Seoul.
The World Choral Festival gathers home and famous foreign choruses to form the image of world peace and harmony.