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Orchestra Festival

"The Greatest Domestic Music Festival to Summon Spring" -- Orchestra Festival

The Orchestra Festival enjoys a national reputation as the greatest and highest music festival, and is one of the leading programs of the Seoul Arts Center's Music Hall. As a music festival to Summon spring, as a determined attempt to demolish the wall of music culture between Seoul and outlying provinces, and as the greatest festival gathering national top players, representative conductors and most of professional orchestras, the Orchestra Festival has been widely recognized as a meaningful music event embracing the present and the future of Korean music.
Started as the opening festival of the Music Hall in 1989, the Orchestra Festival has been enlarging and systemizing as the years pass by.

In 1989, two orchestras in Seoul and nine in the provinces took part in the Orchestra Festival. In spite of several defects, the Festival was acknowledged as a program of 'exemplary planning' and received unexpected responses. Under the flag of "Winter to Spring", three orchestras in Seoul and twelve in the provinces took part in the Orchestra Festival of 1990. It set fire to the flame of "Orchestra Movement", and served for the organization of 10 and over city orchestras.
The Orchestra Festival as an origin of the orchestra movement had a great influence on it. In 1991, five orchestras in Seoul and eleven in the provinces took part in the Orchestra Festival. Some orchestras in the provinces have been in trouble for development. In remembrance of the 200th anniversary of Mozart's death, the Orchestra Festival presented many of originative home music, and recognized as a matured one.
The Orchestra Festival in 1992 was held in large-scaled under the flag of "The Sound of Home Town", in which five orchestras in Seoul and thirteen in the provinces took part. Encouraged by the opening of the Seoul Arts Center, the 5th Orchestra Festival in 1993 was held with the slogan "Muse! Let us sing in praise of spring!" Four orchestras in Seoul and 13 in the provinces took part in the Festival. The Festival was enhanced in the repertory and the planning.

The Orchestra Festival in 1994 was an outstanding event in which ten orchestras from Seoul and thirteen from the provinces took part. It was cosponsored by local authorities under the "Big Resonance of Harmony" for 3 weeks In 1996.
It featured individual and combined performances by fifteen orchestras from Seoul and outlying provinces. In 1998 the Orchestra Festival was held in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of Korean Government Establishment.
The Orchestra Festival invited whose members were Koreans residing in the border of China. They were anxious to keep the cultural inheritance of Korea and the national self-respect. The Orchestra Festival in 1999 introduced originative domestic music for the first time, in which sixteen orchestras took part.