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Opera Festival

"The Flower of Performing Arts" -- Opera Festival

The Opera Festival started in 1998 has contributed to the development of home opera.  It introduced and fixed repertory system and open audition for all casts to home opera circles for the first time in Asia. Since 1999, the Opera Festival is held twice a year in spring and in autumn, which makes a great contribution to the popularization of opera. The Opera Festival in spring is programmed focused on the opera having significance in the music history. In the autumn the program focuses on more popular operas.
Now it is one of the representative cultural events of Korea. 'Repertory System' is a theater produced a series of plays and then performs them repeatedly one by one in order for months or years to cover the production cost repeatedly. In the meanwhile singers would be changed to meet the preference of the audience.

Although the given condition is very difficult, home opera developed owing to the enthusiastic encouragement of the musical world and the lovers, solidified the foundation taking advantage of the opening of the Opera House for exclusive use of opera in 1993, and set a new fashion by the introduction of own production system in 1996. Since 1998, the Opera Festival has shown various stages in order to attain the goal. To present, Rigoletto, Carmen and La Boheme, which acquired wide popularity indicates an endeavor to approach the public, and contributed greatly to the popularization of opera.
The Opera Festival in 1998 celebrating the 50th anniversary of opera in Korea was programmed in combination with the Private Opera Association, and offered touching stages in which professionalism and artistic quality were well matched.  The Opera Festival will be a step stone for a new start.  We expect it to play a role for the development the development of new culture of home opera fit for the 21st century.