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Contemporary Play Festival

The Play Festival of our Generation is one of the leading programs of the Seoul Arts Center, which has been held since 1993, the opening year of the Opera Theater. It has performed lots of outstanding plays to inspire home dramatic circles with creative desires and to scout for promising writers, directors and actors. The stage presents originative plays dealing with everyday affairs, and it gives a fresh stimulus to the existing dramatic circles performing chiefly experimental plays. The Play Festival of our Generation is one of the representative and powerful play festivals in name and reality as well. It is a harmonious feast for new talents the audience.

Especially the plays presented at the Festival thus far, have been all home, originative and outstanding ones by young and exceptional directors that bring on a change in the circles. We can name the followings Ogu-A Type of Death, A Home, Is there any vacancy, The Princess Deok-hye, He falls in love with a vixen, Chil-Su and Man-Su, and A bird also dies.