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Children's Play Festival

The Play Series for Children, started in 1993, is annually held to promote the development of juvenile play and presents the winners of 'Seoul Prize for the Best Juvenile Plays'. This was established in 1992 and sponsored by "Association Internationale du Theatre pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse(KOREA ASSITE) The Association Internationale du Theatre pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse(KOREA ASSITE)" is an international body which is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and has 50 member nations.
"Seoul Prize for the Best Juvenile Plays" is the first awarding system for juvenile plays of Korea and has contributed greatly to the restoration of Korean plays. Since 1995 it has presented "Invitation Stage of Superior Foreign Plays for Children", which makes it rich and full in its contents.

Performing the best and cultivated home plays, it attracts juveniles and grown-ups as well. Main of plays performed include: Tiger Tango by <Tourner Theatre> of Denmark, Play is fun by <Gajenoko Kushu> of Japan, A rabbit goes sight-seeing to the Dragon King's Palace by <Yeonwoo Theatre>, Doori's Adventure through Bad Teeth by <Theatre SEA>, Wizard of Oz by <Sadari> and The Light of Love by <Yeonwoo Theatre> of Korea, Grasshopper's Journey by REM of Australia, Magic Power by <THEATER BATIDA > of Denmark, The Prince Evan's Journey for Love by <Gitis Theatre> of Russia, and Nolbo meets a goblin by <Mindulrae> of Korea.