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(Y/M/D) [ 2017/1/21 - 2017/2/20 ]   
Concert Hall

  Vienna Boys Choir New Year`s Concert    2017.01.21(SAT)
  Korail Symphony Orchestra Concert    2017.01.21(SAT)
  Vienna Boys Choir New Year`s Concert    2017.01.22(SUN)
  ARKO Contemporary Orchestra Music Festival    2017.01.23(MON)
  The 714th Subscription Concert    2017.01.24(TUE)
  2017 MONEY TODAY New Year`s Concert    2017.01.31(TUE)
  Citi Philharmoni Orchestra The 15th Regular Concert    2017.02.01(WED)
  To The Beautiful You    2017.02.02(THU)
  KCO Special Concert    2017.02.03(FRI)
  Pianist H.J.Lim Concert    2017.02.04(SAT)
  United Philharmony Orchestra Concert    2017.02.05(SUN)
  null    2017.02.07(TUE)
  Korean Pops Orchestra Concert : The Amazing Orchestra series    2017.02.08(WED)
  SAC 11AM Concert SEASON 13 (FEB)    2017.02.09(THU)
  Gürzenich-Orchester Köln    2017.02.10(FRI)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra : SARASTE CONDUCTS BEETHOVEN ②    2017.02.11(SAT)
  Shinik Hahm`s Symphony S.O.N.G : Masters Series    2017.02.12(SUN)
  Richard Yongjae O`Neill Recital : British & Romantic    2017.02.14(TUE)
  null    2017.02.15(WED)
  null    2017.02.16(THU)
  SAC AWARDS 2017    2017.02.17(FRI)
  2017 SAC 11am Saturday Concert    2017.02.18(SAT)
  Gonjiam Flute Festival 2017 “FLUTE FIGHT”    2017.02.18(SAT)
  London Symphony Orchestra    2017.02.20(MON)
IBK Chamber Hall

  The 2nd Uptown Camerades Chamber Music Concert    2017.01.21(SAT)
  Jaesung Jeon Violin Recital    2017.01.21(SAT)
  Etoile String Quartet Concert    2017.01.22(SUN)
  Music concert with Explanation for youth    2017.01.22(SUN)
  Soongsil Univ. conservatory professor vocalmusic concert    2017.01.24(TUE)
  7th Anima Chamber Concert    2017.01.25(WED)
  2017 SAC Artist Lounge (JAN)    2017.01.25(WED)
  Pan Asia Philhamonia The 2st Subscription Concert    2017.01.31(TUE)
  Aveo Piano Trio Concert    2017.02.01(WED)
  Kim Yeon Jin Violin Recital    2017.02.02(THU)
  HyunOk Lee Oboe Recital    2017.02.03(FRI)
  Chyung Hanbin Piano Recital    2017.02.04(SAT)
  Kim, Hyun-Mi Violin Recital    2017.02.04(SAT)
  15th Korea Clarinet Ensemble Concert    2017.02.05(SUN)
  Chloris Piano Trio Concert    2017.02.05(SUN)
  Ensemble Esprit Concert    2017.02.07(TUE)
  OnDream Ensemble Concert    2017.02.08(WED)
  Jinsang Lee Piano Recital    2017.02.09(THU)
  Korean Symphony Orchestra Ensemble 1    2017.02.10(FRI)
  The National Chorus of Korea The 166th Regular Concert    2017.02.11(SAT)
  Korea Flute Society Concert    2017.02.12(SUN)
  Lee Seok Jung Violin Recital    2017.02.12(SUN)
  Seoul Chamber Ensemble Regular Concert    2017.02.14(TUE)
  Bae Jang Heum Classic Guital Recital    2017.02.15(WED)
  Violinist Kim, Hoe-Jin Recital Series Ⅱ - Life is    2017.02.16(THU)
  Ju-Young Baek & Ralf Gothoni Duo Concert, Dynamic Duo    2017.02.17(FRI)
  Tenor Kim Sanggon Recital    2017.02.18(SAT)
  Ju-Young Baek & Ralf Gothoni Duo Concert, Dynamic Duo    2017.02.19(SUN)
  Choo Sang Hee Flute Recital-All That    2017.02.20(MON)
Recital Hall

  Hong Soo Youn Clarinet Recital    2017.01.21(SAT)
  Family Picture Book Concert    2017.01.21(SAT)
  La vie en Rose Woodwind Quartet Concert    2017.01.22(SUN)
  ERICA Amemorial concert    2017.01.22(SUN)
  La Jae Lyoung Flute Recital    2017.01.24(TUE)
  Kim Hyun Nam Violin Recital    2017.01.25(WED)
  Aram Bang Piano Recital    2017.01.31(TUE)
  Hyunhee Bae Violin Recital    2017.02.01(WED)
  Jung Eun Kang Piano Recital    2017.02.02(THU)
  Choi Young Mi Piano Recital    2017.02.03(FRI)
  Kim, Ji-Hyun Cello Recital    2017.02.04(SAT)
  Jang Sohyun Piano Recita    2017.02.05(SUN)
  Seo Bum Soo Contrabass Recita    2017.02.05(SUN)
  Lee Song Hee Cello Recital    2017.02.07(TUE)
  Choi, Chi-Ung Violin Recital    2017.02.08(WED)
  Sooah Chae Piano Recital    2017.02.09(THU)
  Tenor Ki Su, Choi Recital    2017.02.10(FRI)
  Song Young Hyun Oboe Recital    2017.02.11(SAT)
  Yeo, Soo-Eun Viola Recital    2017.02.11(SAT)
  Choi Yoo Jin, Ko Maeum Mozart Violin Son    2017.02.12(SUN)
  Song, Hwa-Hyun Violin Recital    2017.02.12(SUN)
  Asher Flute Ensemble Concert    2017.02.14(TUE)
  Song Young Min Piano Recital    2017.02.15(WED)
  Kim Yong Sik Cello Recital    2017.02.16(THU)
  Lim Jin Ah Viola Recital    2017.02.17(FRI)
  Woo lee Jang Cello Recital    2017.02.18(SAT)
  Jou-won Lee, Piano Recital    2017.02.18(SAT)
  Lee, Jae-Young Cello Recital    2017.02.19(SUN)
  Song, Min-Gun Percussion Recital    2017.02.19(SUN)
  Lim Joseph Viola Recital    2017.02.20(MON)
Opera Theater

  DEATH NOTE THE MUSICAL    2017.01.03(TUE) - 2017.01.26(THU)
  2017 MUSICAL THE DAYS Encore    2017.02.07(TUE) - 2017.03.05(SUN)
Towol Theather

  Musical [IN THE HEIGHTS]    2016.12.20(TUE) - 2017.02.12(SUN)
  Musical Nunsense 2    2017.02.16(THU) - 2017.03.05(SUN)
Jayu Theater

  Bernard Werber`s Play [Our Friends, the Humans (Nos Amis les Humains)]    2016.12.16(FRI) - 2017.03.05(SUN)
Hangaram Art Museum

  Musee d’Orsay    2016.10.29(SAT) - 2017.03.05(SUN)
  Alphonse Mucha, The Pioneer of Modern Graphic Design    2016.12.03(SAT) - 2017.03.05(SUN)
  The Queen of Art Deco-Tamara de Lempicka    2016.12.10(SAT) - 2017.03.05(SUN)

  Koo Hye Sun Solo Exhibition    2017.01.05(THU) - 2017.01.29(SUN)
  Lee Dong-hyup Solo Exhibition    2017.02.17(FRI) - 2017.02.26(SUN)
Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum

  The Great Graffiti    2016.12.09(FRI) - 2017.02.26(SUN)
Hangaram Design Museum

  Le Corbuiser Special Exbihition    2016.12.06(TUE) - 2017.03.26(SUN)
Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage

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