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(Y/M/D) [ 2016/6/27 - 2016/7/27 ]   
Concert Hall

  2016 DITTO Festival : Ensmble DITTO Season 10 [The Revolutionary]    2016.06.28(TUE)
  Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra : R.Wager Tannhauser Opera Concertante    2016.06.30(THU)
  The 71st Regular Concert of Gangnam Symphony Orchestra    2016.07.01(FRI)
  Sejong Soloists with Gil Shaham, Violin    2016.07.02(SAT)
  United Philharmonic Orchestra Family Concert    2016.07.02(SAT)
  Murakami Haruki Meets Miyazaki Hayao    2016.07.03(SUN)
  Korea Oratorio Singers The 33rd Regular Concert    2016.07.04(MON)
  The 95th Regular Concert by Seoul Wind Ensemble    2016.07.05(TUE)
  Celebration Concert for 2016 6th DMZIMF    2016.07.06(WED)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra : Happy Birthday! Mahler!    2016.07.07(THU)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra : Christoph Eschenbach’s Mahler Symphony No. 1    2016.07.08(FRI)
  `I Love Country` Music Concert with Ministry of patriots & veterans Affairs & IBK Bank    2016.07.09(SAT)
  2016 Hanyang Univ. Wind Orchestra Concert    2016.07.09(SAT)
  Adios Piazolla : CUATROCIENTOS    2016.07.10(SUN)
  Korea Faculty Choir The 13th Regular Concert    2016.07.11(MON)
  Seoul Pops Orchestra 28th Anniversary Concert    2016.07.12(TUE)
  Korean Chamber Orchestra 152nd Concert    2016.07.13(WED)
  SAC 11am Concert    2016.07.14(THU)
  The Little Singers of Monaco(Les Petits Chanteurs De Monaco)    2016.07.14(THU)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra : Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 4    2016.07.15(FRI)
  2016 SAC 11am Saturday Concert    2016.07.16(SAT)
  4th Opera Gala concert of Europe Opera house solist invitati    2016.07.16(SAT)
  Spanish National Orchestra    2016.07.17(SUN)
  Koreanische Flute Orchestra Concert    2016.07.18(MON)
  Seoul Motet Choir 102nd Regular Concert : SONG OF JOY & PEACE    2016.07.19(TUE)
  Sunwook Kim Piano Recital    2016.07.20(WED)
  Messe Solennelle by Gounod & Magnificat/Gloria Mendelssohn    2016.07.21(THU)
  The 708th Subcription Concert    2016.07.22(FRI)
  The Men`s Choir Regular Concert    2016.07.23(SAT)
  Masters Series    2016.07.23(SAT)
  Korea senior Symphony Orchestra The 14th Regular Concert    2016.07.24(SUN)
IBK Chamber Hall

  Quatro Ewha Regular Concert Ⅶ    2016.06.28(TUE)
  SAC Artist Lounge    2016.06.29(WED)
  Brian OKane and Minjung Baek Duo Concert    2016.06.29(WED)
  Hwaum Chamber Orchestra 40th Annual Concert    2016.06.30(THU)
  2016 DITTO Festival : Ehnes Quartet - Beethoven CycleⅣ    2016.07.01(FRI)
  6th Our story    2016.07.02(SAT)
  Ensemble “Woori” Concert    2016.07.02(SAT)
  2016 DITTO Festival : Ehnes Quartet - Beethoven CycleⅥ    2016.07.03(SUN)
  2016 DITTO Festival : Ehnes Quartet - Beethoven CycleⅤ    2016.07.03(SUN)
  Beethovern Series IV    2016.07.04(MON)
  Ra Jung Hye Piano Recital    2016.07.05(TUE)
  Guitarist Jongho Park Scarlatti Solo Recital    2016.07.06(WED)
  Park Sun Hwa Piano Recital    2016.07.07(THU)
  Bang Hyo Seon Piano Recital    2016.07.08(FRI)
  Chai Won Ra Flute Recital    2016.07.09(SAT)
  Players Orchestra Concert    2016.07.09(SAT)
  Kim, Tae-Hee Piano Recital    2016.07.10(SUN)
  V9 First Impressions    2016.07.10(SUN)
  Korea Flute Society Concert    2016.07.11(MON)
  Camerata Antiqua Seoul Regular Concert    2016.07.12(TUE)
  SangHee Lym Piano Recital    2016.07.13(WED)
  Ensemble Unisson Concert    2016.07.14(THU)
  15th KNO Vocal Concours Final    2016.07.15(FRI)
  Bae Janghem&Friends Concert    2016.07.16(SAT)
  Hong Park Kim Horn Recital    2016.07.16(SAT)
  Kook Seong Hwa Flute Recital    2016.07.17(SUN)
  Chin, Chung-Ah Clarinet Recital    2016.07.17(SUN)
  Euterpe Woodwind Quintet`s Concert    2016.07.18(MON)
  Yoonah Oh Piano Recital    2016.07.20(WED)
  Hong Joo Hyang Piano Recital    2016.07.21(THU)
  SAC Culture Concert    2016.07.22(FRI)
  Northwestern Alumni Music Ensemble Concert    2016.07.23(SAT)
  Ensemble Comma Concert    2016.07.23(SAT)
  Chamber Mucis Concert    2016.07.24(SUN)
  Trio Gratia Recital    2016.07.24(SUN)
  SAC Artist Lounge    2016.07.27(WED)
Recital Hall

  Kim, Yang-Jun Theme Concert    2016.06.28(TUE)
  Ensemble forum21 Consert    2016.06.29(WED)
  Soprano Mihyun Kho Recital    2016.06.30(THU)
  Song Ji Won Violin Recital    2016.07.01(FRI)
  Choi Min Kyung,Kim Young Han Duo Recital    2016.07.02(SAT)
  Na Yoon Ju Cello Recital    2016.07.02(SAT)
  Yunjoo Cho Viola Recial    2016.07.03(SUN)
  Lee JiSun Piano Recital    2016.07.03(SUN)
  Yong-Woo, Cho Kontrabass Recital - Memory of Bottensini    2016.07.05(TUE)
  Yejin Noh Piano Recital    2016.07.06(WED)
  Bass Choi Chul Recital    2016.07.07(THU)
  Hwang, So-Jin Cello Recital    2016.07.08(FRI)
  Hee-Suk, Jung Trombone Recital    2016.07.09(SAT)
  Chae, Jae-Il With Buffet Clarinet Recital    2016.07.09(SAT)
  Hyun Park Violin Recital    2016.07.10(SUN)
  The Sonus Trio Recital    2016.07.10(SUN)
  Kim Woo Jin Cello Recital    2016.07.11(MON)
  Tack yoon ji Cello Recital    2016.07.12(TUE)
  Jung Sung Mi Piano Recital    2016.07.13(WED)
  Hye Jeong Lee Violin Recital    2016.07.14(THU)
  Classic Curator    2016.07.15(FRI)
  Yoahn Kwon Piano Recital    2016.07.16(SAT)
  Changin Son Kontrabass Recital    2016.07.16(SAT)
  Park Jae Lin Violin Recital    2016.07.17(SUN)
  Lee, Jae-Young Saxphone Recital    2016.07.17(SUN)
  Lee hyun Kyung Piano Recital    2016.07.18(MON)
  Hyun A Chang Violin Recital    2016.07.19(TUE)
  Ju Young Choi Piano Recital    2016.07.20(WED)
  Son Eun Jung Piano Recital    2016.07.21(THU)
  Kim, Yeon-Jin Cello Recital    2016.07.22(FRI)
  Kim Min Jo Clarinet Recital    2016.07.23(SAT)
  Jung, Sung-Won Violin Recital    2016.07.24(SUN)
  2016 Korea Woodwind Ensemble concert    2016.07.24(SUN)
Opera Theater

  Musical Wicked    2016.07.10(SUN) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Towol Theather

  Musical Broadway 42nd Street    2016.06.23(THU) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Jayu Theater

  Play RED    2016.06.05(SUN) - 2016.07.10(SUN)
  NATIVOS Co-produced by KNCDC    2016.07.15(FRI) - 2016.07.17(SUN)
  The Play `Treasure Island`    2016.07.26(TUE) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Hangaram Art Museum

  REUTERS, OUR WORLD NOW    2016.06.25(SAT) - 2016.09.25(SUN)
  The Greatest Artists_Dali, Chagall, Bernard Buffet    2016.06.25(SAT) - 2016.09.25(SUN)
  Anthony Browne Exhibition : Happy Museum    2016.06.25(SAT) - 2016.09.25(SUN)

  Kyung-Jin JAE Solo Exhibition    2016.06.25(SAT) - 2016.07.03(SUN)
  Lee,Dong Hyup solo exhibition    2016.07.08(FRI) - 2016.07.17(SUN)
  Kim Poom Chang Jeju 15 years -Seoul Solo exhibition-    2016.07.23(SAT) - 2016.07.31(SUN)
Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum

  Munhwa and Court Painting of the Joseon Dynasty : Munja-do and Chaekgeori    2016.06.11(SAT) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Hangaram Design Museum

  Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera    2016.05.28(SAT) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage

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