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(Y/M/D) [ 2016/10/25 - 2016/11/24 ]   
Concert Hall

  Herbert Blomstedt & Bamberger Symphoniker    2016.10.26(WED)
  Herbert Blomstedt & Bamberger Symphoniker    2016.10.27(THU)
  The GoodFathers Choir. Korea Recital    2016.10.28(FRI)
  The 711st Subscription Concert    2016.10.29(SAT)
  Penderecki with Sinfonia Varsovia    2016.10.29(SAT)
  Penderecki with Sinfonia Varsovia    2016.10.30(SUN)
  null    2016.11.01(TUE)
  Wiener Philharmoniker & Myung-Whun Chung    2016.11.02(WED)
  Choong-Mo Kang Piano Recital    2016.11.03(THU)
  The 88th Concert of SEOUL CHAMBER ORCHESTRA    2016.11.04(FRI)
  The 73th Regular Concert of Gangnam Symphony Orchestra    2016.11.05(SAT)
  Pianist Jae Hyuk Cho & Friends    2016.11.05(SAT)
  Masters series    2016.11.06(SUN)
  Oratorium Gala Concert    2016.11.07(MON)
  The Great Vocalists In Korea    2016.11.08(TUE)
  San Francisco Symphony Orchestra    2016.11.09(WED)
  SAC 11am Concert    2016.11.10(THU)
  San Francisco Symphony Orchestra & Michael Tilson Thomas    2016.11.10(THU)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra : Xuefei Yang`s Aranjuez Guitar Concerto    2016.11.11(FRI)
  null    2016.11.12(SAT)
  Dabyeot Youth WInd Orchestra Concert    2016.11.13(SUN)
  Arko Cintemporary Orchestra Music Festival    2016.11.15(TUE)
  Daniel Harding & Orchestre de Paris    2016.11.16(WED)
  Clara-Jumi Kang & Yeoleum Son Duo Concert [Russian Modernity    2016.11.17(THU)
  Hyosung Culture Series 4 : The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma    2016.11.18(FRI)
  The 712nd Subscription Concert    2016.11.19(SAT)
  KyungWha Chung Violn Recital    2016.11.19(SAT)
  Daejin Kim Piano Recital : Beethoven`s Sturm und Drang    2016.11.20(SUN)
  2016 SAC University Orchestra Festival - Seoul National University    2016.11.21(MON)
  2016 SAC University Orchestra Festival - Kookmin University    2016.11.22(TUE)
  2016 SAC University Orchestra Festival - Dankook University    2016.11.23(WED)
  2016 SAC University Orchestra Festival - Kyung Hee University    2016.11.24(THU)
IBK Chamber Hall

  Violin Duo Retorica Concert    2016.10.25(TUE)
  SAC Artist Lounge (OCT)    2016.10.26(WED)
  Violinist Edwin ES Kim Recital in Seoul [Sensucht]    2016.10.26(WED)
  화음쳄버오케스트라와 함께하는 창작현대음악    2016.10.27(THU)
  Min Jung baek Piano Recital    2016.10.28(FRI)
  Phil Harmonians Seoul Regular Concert - Classic & OST    2016.10.29(SAT)
  JIN UK KIM Piano Recital    2016.10.29(SAT)
  Viva Piano SEASON II    2016.10.30(SUN)
  Tenor Yoo Tae Ho Recital    2016.11.01(TUE)
  To Know, To Love 2016 Concert    2016.11.02(WED)
  Flute in Us Ensemble 7th Concert    2016.11.03(THU)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra : Chamber Series I_ Alexandre Baty`s Trumpet Recital    2016.11.04(FRI)
  Yemus Ensemble 6th Regular Concert    2016.11.05(SAT)
  Sunmin Shim Percussion Recital    2016.11.05(SAT)
  Yoo, Jeon-Sik Retirement Concert    2016.11.06(SUN)
  Lee, Se-Young Violin Recital    2016.11.07(MON)
  The 62th Korea Festival Ensemble concert    2016.11.08(TUE)
  Flutist Jasmine Choi Recital [Love in Paris]    2016.11.09(WED)
  Kim, Kyung-Ah Piano Recital    2016.11.10(THU)
  2016 SAC Classic Star Series - Lee Ja Ram    2016.11.11(FRI)
  9th Just Vivace Festival Concert    2016.11.12(SAT)
  Indiana University The 9th Alumni Concert    2016.11.12(SAT)
  The 65th Seouloratorio Regular concert    2016.11.13(SUN)
  Breguet-Geneva International Music Competition Tour    2016.11.13(SUN)
  Baritone Gerard Kim Recital    2016.11.14(MON)
  Korean Chamber Orchestra Special Concert    2016.11.15(TUE)
  Kyu-Yeon Kim Piano Recital    2016.11.16(WED)
  Mozarthaus ViennaString Quartet Concert in Seoul    2016.11.18(FRI)
  2016 Talk & Concert Season 6 (NOV)    2016.11.19(SAT)
  Kim, Bong Retirement Concert    2016.11.20(SUN)
  10Th Subscription Concert Happy Bassoon    2016.11.20(SUN)
  Beethovern Series VI    2016.11.21(MON)
  11th Centro Musica Concert    2016.11.22(TUE)
  SAC Culture Concert    2016.11.23(WED)
  null    2016.11.24(THU)
Recital Hall

  L`Opera francais en un acte    2016.10.25(TUE)
  Association for Perspective Music 40th Anniversary Concert    2016.10.26(WED)
  Erwan Richard Viola Recital    2016.10.27(THU)
  Kim, Eun-Hae Composition Recital    2016.10.28(FRI)
  ENSEMBLE PRISMA Concert    2016.10.29(SAT)
  Oboe Ensemble The Piri Concert    2016.10.29(SAT)
  Kang Yoon Ji Viola Recital    2016.10.30(SUN)
  Koreana Chamber Music Society Concert    2016.10.30(SUN)
  Heo, Jae Young Tuba Recital    2016.11.01(TUE)
  Shin Yoon Kung Viola Recital    2016.11.02(WED)
  The Korean Society of Women Composers    2016.11.03(THU)
  Kim Yoon Kyung Piano Recital    2016.11.04(FRI)
  null    2016.11.05(SAT)
  null    2016.11.05(SAT)
  Hwang Sung Hoon Piano Recital    2016.11.06(SUN)
  Hwang SoWon Piano Recital    2016.11.06(SUN)
  Yureum Woodwind Quintet Regular Concert    2016.11.07(MON)
  project21AND the 4th Concert    2016.11.08(TUE)
  The Yonsei Sinfonietta 60th Concert    2016.11.09(WED)
  Jose Lee, Flamenco Ensemble Concert    2016.11.10(THU)
  Rim, Kyung-Won Cello Recital    2016.11.11(FRI)
  23th Bin Trio Rugular Concert    2016.11.12(SAT)
  Suh Jung Won Piano Recital    2016.11.12(SAT)
  WE Soloists Regular Concert    2016.11.13(SUN)
  Hong Hyedo Piano Recital-Beethoven : the late sonatas    2016.11.14(MON)
  Oh Yoon Joo Mozart sonata Series II    2016.11.15(TUE)
  Hyung kyu Lee Oboe Recital    2016.11.16(WED)
  2016 ACL-Korea New Music Concert    2016.11.18(FRI)
  Kang, Bo-Ra Violin Recital    2016.11.19(SAT)
  Lee, Seok-Jun Horn Recital    2016.11.19(SAT)
  Lee Chang Hyang Contrabass Recital    2016.11.20(SUN)
  Kim Jae Yoon Viola Recital    2016.11.20(SUN)
  Koreanisches Institut fuer deutsche Kunstlieder    2016.11.21(MON)
  Seoul Art VocalMmusic Society Regular Concert    2016.11.22(TUE)
  Anima Chamber [Chamber Music SeriesII]    2016.11.23(WED)
  Concert of Contemporary Music Ensemble SORI    2016.11.24(THU)
Opera Theater

  Universal Ballet - Kenneth MacMillan`s Romeo and Juliet    2016.10.22(SAT) - 2016.10.29(SAT)
  Korea National Ballet    2016.11.03(THU) - 2016.11.06(SUN)
  Opera [Lohengrin]    2016.11.16(WED) - 2016.11.20(SUN)
Towol Theather

  Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(KNCDC) Repertoire 3 : CROSS-CUT 2016    2016.10.28(FRI) - 2016.10.30(SUN)
  The Play `Pericles`    2016.11.10(THU) - 2016.12.04(SUN)
Jayu Theater

  Play [Two Rooms]    2016.10.20(THU) - 2016.11.13(SUN)
  Vigil by Morris Panych    2016.11.22(TUE) - 2016.12.11(SUN)
Hangaram Art Museum

  Musee d’Orsay    2016.10.29(SAT) - 2017.03.05(SUN)

  Korea Porcelain Art Artist Exhibition    2016.10.26(WED) - 2016.11.03(THU)
  Master Furniture Maker Myeong-Bae Park and Apprentices -11th    2016.11.06(SUN) - 2016.11.13(SUN)
  the Nature - the Arts of Everyday    2016.11.17(THU) - 2016.11.26(SAT)
Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum

  Korea Calligraphy History Special Exhibition 33    2016.09.30(FRI) - 2016.11.06(SUN)
  Korea - Chana Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition    2016.10.21(FRI) - 2016.10.27(THU)
  “The Song of Heaven”    2016.10.28(FRI) - 2016.11.06(SUN)
  Invitational Exhibition of Korean Calligraphy Artists    2016.11.01(TUE) - 2016.11.07(MON)
  Namjeon Wonjungsik Posthumous Exhibition    2016.11.15(TUE) - 2016.11.27(SUN)
Hangaram Design Museum

  DENMARK : DESIGN    2016.09.10(SAT) - 2016.11.20(SUN)
  Kim,Joohyung Textile Exhibition    2016.10.19(WED) - 2016.10.26(WED)
  Park SoHyoung - Textile Solo Exhibition    2016.10.29(SAT) - 2016.11.06(SUN)
  Another`s white porcelain_photo sculpture    2016.11.07(MON) - 2016.11.16(WED)
  2017 Surface · Element Design    2016.11.18(FRI) - 2016.11.25(FRI)
Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage

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