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(Y/M/D) [ 2016/7/28 - 2016/8/27 ]   
Concert Hall

  6th World Vision 2016 International Children`s Choir Festiva    2016.08.08(MON)
  6th WorldVision 2016 International Children`s Choir Festival    2016.08.09(TUE)
  FIVE SENSES SUMMER    2016.08.10(WED)
  SAC 11am Concert    2016.08.11(THU)
  6th WorldVision 2016 International Children`s Choir Festival    2016.08.11(THU)
  The 23rd Summer Vacation Youth Concert with commentary    2016.08.12(FRI)
  2016 SAC Youth Concert (AUG)    2016.08.13(SAT)
  16th Aniversary Concert of Seoul Woman Singers    2016.08.13(SAT)
  Classic Concert for Youth on Summer Vacation    2016.08.14(SUN)
  Liberation anniversary Concert    2016.08.15(MON)
  Liberation anniversary Concert    2016.08.16(TUE)
  Liberation anniversary Concert    2016.08.17(WED)
  Korean Symphony Orchestra 197th Regular Concert    2016.08.18(THU)
  Opera Concertante [Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust]    2016.08.19(FRI)
  2016 SAC 11am Saturday Concert    2016.08.20(SAT)
  The 30th Korea Festival Ensemble Concert    2016.08.20(SAT)
  2016 Midsummer Night`s Concert    2016.08.21(SUN)
  KlangVerwaltung Orchestra Concert    2016.08.22(MON)
  Korean Song Story in the Mid-summer Night    2016.08.23(TUE)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra : Maestro Chung’s Brahms Symphony No. 2    2016.08.24(WED)
  Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra    2016.08.25(THU)
  The 709th Subscription Concert    2016.08.26(FRI)
  Asia Peace Concert - Beethoven’s Ode to Joy    2016.08.27(SAT)
  NOVUS Quartet The 8th Regular Concert    2016.08.27(SAT)
IBK Chamber Hall

  Musical Moments    2016.08.08(MON)
  Seoul Music Academy Regular Concert    2016.08.09(TUE)
  null    2016.08.11(THU)
  Abel Quartet Concert    2016.08.12(FRI)
  Classic Music of Film    2016.08.13(SAT)
  Starry Duo    2016.08.13(SAT)
  Music concert with Explanation for youth    2016.08.14(SUN)
  Mirus Trio Concert    2016.08.14(SUN)
  Seoul Chamber Ensemble Regular Concert    2016.08.15(MON)
  Classic Vacance Concert    2016.08.16(TUE)
  About Kontrabass Ensemble Spectrum Ⅲ [Arirang]    2016.08.17(WED)
  null    2016.08.18(THU)
  La Mer et l`ile Concert    2016.08.19(FRI)
  Lim Hyunsu Trombone Recital    2016.08.20(SAT)
  The 31th Regular Concert by CROSS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA    2016.08.20(SAT)
  Happy Birthday Debussy    2016.08.21(SUN)
  The 3rd Korea Kontrabass Association Festival Concert    2016.08.21(SUN)
  Brass Arts Seoul 2nd Concert    2016.08.22(MON)
  Isang Enders, Jinjoo Jo, Hyejin Kim Trio Concert    2016.08.23(TUE)
  Violinist Kim, Gwang Goon Recital    2016.08.24(WED)
  Sojung 30th Annivasary Concert    2016.08.25(THU)
  The 8th Annual Concert Ensemble Lumiere    2016.08.26(FRI)
  Lee SunAh Piano Recital    2016.08.27(SAT)
  wald ensemble    2016.08.27(SAT)
Recital Hall

  Kim Ji Yeon Viola Recital    2016.08.08(MON)
  Shin Minjeong Piano Recital    2016.08.09(TUE)
  Nomos Trio Concert    2016.08.10(WED)
  Seoul Clarinet Ensemble Regular Concert    2016.08.11(THU)
  Eunmi Lee Violin Recital    2016.08.12(FRI)
  Lee,You-Jung Piano Recital    2016.08.13(SAT)
  Kim, Il-Ji Flute Recital    2016.08.13(SAT)
  NEC Cello Ensemble Concert for Youth    2016.08.14(SUN)
  The Youth Concert with WE Soloists    2016.08.14(SUN)
  Youth Concert    2016.08.15(MON)
  Shin Hyo Jun Piano Recital    2016.08.16(TUE)
  New York Clarinos Ensemble Found Concert    2016.08.17(WED)
  Vladimir Dyo Violin Recital    2016.08.18(THU)
  Ju yong Lee Piano Recital    2016.08.19(FRI)
  Chae Moon Young Piano Recital    2016.08.20(SAT)
  Mo Hye Kung Piano Recital    2016.08.20(SAT)
  Kim, Soo-Hyun Piano Recital    2016.08.21(SUN)
  Sejong Woodwind Chamber Ensemble 2016 Concert    2016.08.21(SUN)
  Chen, Hye-Young Violin Recital    2016.08.22(MON)
  Lee, Joo-Yeon Piano Recital    2016.08.23(TUE)
  null    2016.08.24(WED)
  Sung Hae Rin Piano Recital    2016.08.25(THU)
  Shin Mi Jung Piano Recital    2016.08.26(FRI)
  Sung, Kyoung-Joo Violin Recital    2016.08.27(SAT)
  Oh Byung Chul Flute Recital    2016.08.27(SAT)
Opera Theater

  Musical Wicked    2016.07.10(SUN) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Towol Theather

  Musical Broadway 42nd Street    2016.06.23(THU) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Jayu Theater

  The Play `Treasure Island`    2016.07.26(TUE) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Hangaram Art Museum

  REUTERS, OUR WORLD NOW    2016.06.25(SAT) - 2016.09.25(SUN)
  The Greatest Artists_Dali, Chagall, Bernard Buffet    2016.06.25(SAT) - 2016.09.25(SUN)
  Anthony Browne Exhibition : Happy Museum    2016.06.25(SAT) - 2016.09.25(SUN)

  Kim Poom Chang Jeju 15 years - Seoul Solo Exhibition -    2016.07.23(SAT) - 2016.07.31(SUN)
  A Lover and Ten Longevity Symbols    2016.08.03(WED) - 2016.08.10(WED)
  Sensitivity and Color Festival    2016.08.12(FRI) - 2016.08.21(SUN)
  Group Exhibition of Korean Artists    2016.08.23(TUE) - 2016.08.31(WED)
Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum

  Munhwa and Court Painting of the Joseon Dynasty : Munja-do and Chaekgeori    2016.06.11(SAT) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Hangaram Design Museum

  Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera    2016.05.28(SAT) - 2016.08.28(SUN)
Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage

  SAC Korean Folk Song Night    2016.08.27(SAT) - 2016.08.28(SUN)

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