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World Famous Arts Exhibition

Verre, Recherche et Creation de France
The exhibition displayed many pieces of glass craft arts sponsored by The International Glass Craft Art Institutein Marseille in France that many modeling artists with worldwide reputations worked for. The institute contributed to the development of the world glass craft art. Pierre Soulages and Sylvain Dubuisson from the institute who held the exhibition in Korea and became familiar to Koreans who took part in the exhibition.
In the exhibition from 1994.4.22 to 5.15, were displayed the 35 artists ' 86 pieces of glass craft art, 377 pieces of experiment, 87 pieces of drawing, and the 11 pieces of professional photography. The exhibition was organized in Paris, France and was displayed in Museum of Roksanbrere for two months, gaining great popularity. In Korea, it was given a great support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea and the Ministry of Culture of France.
The refined beauty making best use of the property and effect of glass were well expressed, showing a phase of the French glass art with the long tradition. Especially decorated glass art and also the glass art made for the original purpose of glass received great public response.

Narrative art in clay and glass (The modern craft art of America)
The exhibition was presented by Taft Gallery of Cincinnati, Ohio, U S A and circulated in Asia, with the participation of 14 major artists, displaying 40 pieces of work made of clay and glass.
Held from 1995.4.10 to 4.27, the exhibition put an emphasis on the narrative element in craft art and focused on the story, showing uniqueness not found in regular Exhibitions.
Artists produced the various works that are familiar to us, expressing the myth, the legend, and personal interests. They adopted many different ways of expressing from the traditional ones to the experimental ones. The exhibition offered the opportunity to appreciate the world trend of craft arts through the broad artistic visions of Native American artists.

Messages: Art from Australia
The purpose of the exhibition was to show how the native culture and the modern Western culture have co-existed and will.
In the exhibition held from 1996. 8. 30 to 9. 22, paintings, installations, sculptures, photography, and craft arts expressed the symbolic and metaphorical subject with excellence through which the original Native Australian culture can be seen.
Though it has a short history of two hundred years, Australia with more than one thousand museums and galleries, follows Western culture and at the same time, it makes a great harmony with its natives. The exhibition provided a good opportunity to look around the past, the present and the future of Australian culture and it also provided a good chance to have a better understanding of the culture of the two cultures.

The Chinese culture and art
Facing the 5th anniversary of the official establishment of diplomatic relations with China, Seoul Art Center hosted the exhibition to introduce the true Chinese culture and let the Koreans lay the true understanding of China as well as bring aid to improve fraternalism between the two nations.
Seoul Art Center also tried to prepare the ground for the mutual interchange of cultures and increase the national interest in consideration of the potential and the position that China will occupy in the world of the future.
In the exhibition from.27 December 1997 to 29 March 1998, displayed are 300 pieces of ancient relics including the bronze wagon of Jin Dynasty, the huge mural painting, relics of Han Dynasty, the relics of the age of jumbling many heroes (from BC.770 to BC.221) and the 1200 pieces of works including ancient and modern ceramic ware, the model of the ancient architecture, the best Chinese craft art, the carpet wall painting, the collection of the modern living, the costumes of the minor peoples, paintings and calligraphic works, the field calligraphy, scissor art, namyong silk weaving, etc.
The exhibition has been held for the longest time since Seoul Art Center opened. Exhibited in large scale, it drew great attention from both the public and the press.