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The theme exhibition

Art Against Apartheid
From 1991.3.21 to 4.21, Seoul Art Center hosted the 13th World Circuit Exhibition that was established for the hope of stopping the segregation under the support of UN and UNESCO. Against the policy of the white political leaders of the Republic of South Africa who separate and segregate the native Africans, colored people and Asians, and hoping the free and democratic government of the Republic of South Africa, many artists from The International Association Of Artists participated in the exhibition. The works of the present 80 artists with the worldwide reputation were displayed:
Arman/ James Rogenquest/ Roy Liechtenstein/ Claes Oldenberg/ Robert Rauschenberg(U.S.A)/ Henri Cueco/ Pierre Soulages(France)/ Antonio Saura/ Jao Ukki (China)/ Sotto (Venezuela)/ Mark Bruisse(Netherlands)/ Leonardo Creonini(Italy)/ Gunter Uecker(Germany).
The exhibition provided Korean fans of fine art with the opportunity to appreciate the trend of the world famous artists and contributed to letting the whole human beings sympathize with task that we should stop the fallacy of anachronism - segregation.

Kandinsky, Malevich and Russian Avant Garde 1905-1925
In the 5th year of the official establishment of diplomatic relations with Russia, Seoul Art Center prepared the special exhibition with the hope that it can accelerate the deeper cultural interchange between the two countries. The introduction of the fine art of Russia, the excellent Russian art works including Kandinsky and Malevich and the trend that had a great influence on the modern fine art were exhibited.
The exhibition, from 1995.4.11 to 5.23, with the Russian Avant Garde works combing the whole branches of the 20th century's modern art such as abstract art, cubism, and constructivism, shows the whole feature of the modern fine art and creativity of the Russian Avant Garde. And it also introduces the world's famous to home and contributed to expending and improving the ground of Korea's fine art.
The total 85 pieces of the 34 Russian Avant Garde artists : the 8 pieces of Kandinsky's including "Composition, 11 pieces of Melevich's including "The harvesting people, and Goncharova etc were displayed and the exhibition was the best opportunity to meet the essence of the 20th century's modern fine art.

The Contemporary East Asian Letter Exhibition
The exhibition, in one of the celebrations of the 550th anniversary of the Hangul Proclamation, was provided with the intention to make the deeper appreciation of the meaning of culture in the letters, to broaden the possibility of the artistic expression of the letters, to have a view of roles of the letters in the media era and to take a new start of education of the letters.
The exhibition, from 1996.10.17 to 11.13, provided a total view of the description, kinds, function, of the letter and relations with human beings and society and tried to discover the essence of the letter by understanding the creation and the development of the letter. And it also totally displayed the materials used in recording with the letters, the improvement of the materials, the function of the letters as a tool of information with which the history and the civilization of the human beings were built. And it went further to totally displaying the artistic expression of the letters - calligraphy, seal cutting, paintings, sculpture, and design and all about the letters. And it finally showed the function that the letters had carried out throughout the development of the civilization, and the relations that the letters have with the society of high tech information.