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Promising Artists Exhibition

Fresh view -Suggestion for Future)
Seoul Art Center employed a new way of planning - entitled responsible planning system - in which the five critics accepted the new way of adopting both the theory and works together, not following the old ceremonial and transcendent attitude. The new critics who will lead the future fine art shared their critiques and artists displayed their works. The five new young critics who have played great roles in modern art since the 1980s, and will continue to attract the attention from the world of fine art, took part in the exhibition.
The Exhibitions are divided into the three categories: The unconventional way of formative arts using new material; Korean traditional works; Works of the new group who have taken new initiatives in fine arts. The diverse trend of modern art captured by their strong aesthetic views, were displayed. Their fresh and new styles were expected to be the focus of great attention.

The Internet & Art
The exhibition was provided to analyze the reality and the future of the computer and network employed in fine arts, and seek new approaches of digital graphics & pictures and fine art & technology. The exhibition, from 1996.12.21 to 1997.01.04, was co-hosted by Design Art (specializing in CD-ROM technology) with the participation of the 54 young artists. Their 54 pieces of oil painting were displayed in the gallery and 1500 pieces were displayed on the internet. The fine art critics, Shin Chungsub, Park Youngtaek, and Oh Sekwan selected three different subjects: Nude; The Self; Life. In the first part Nude, Kim Kyoman, Kim Yilhae and other 14 artists took part. In the second part The Self, Kwak Su, Do Yoonhee and other 17 artists participated, and in the third part Life, Chang Sehyok, Kim Youngmin and other 17 artists participated.
The purpose of the exhibition was to find out whether it is possible to harmonize cyber and real space in the multi-media era.