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Park Suk-Ho exhibition
Park Suk-Ho, who sought the creative value in fine art, was destined to be an outsider in the established frame of the fine art circles. The exhibition was provided so that audience could appreciate the true value of his works.
Though the nature and the scenery of life such as the port, the fishing village, people, and the market place etc., were regarded as ordinary and overlooked, his greatness lies in sublimating our daily life into the artistic level. His works, from the early ones in 1950s where his inner expression spouts passion, to the ones in 1970s and 1980s where the lives of the common people were fused with his inner experience, overcome the two different divisions of the painting method and the life and in the end reach to the another summit of Korea's modern fine art.
In the exhibition held from 1996.4.12 to .5.1, audiences can meet the pure life and the achievement of an artist who built his own artistic world in the fine art circles where the strange curiosity and techniques were sought, ending up as a mere experiment. And audiences also see that his art and career clearly represent the period of the present.