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Korena modern arts with themes

Transition in Modern photography of Korea
Korean photographers have accepted and developed the world trend that has been diverse since 1970s. The purpose of the exhibition is to analyze the present of Korean photography and research the direction of it.
It has been 110 years in 1993 since photography was introduced to Korea. Photography has occupied the important place that the modern society and culture do without. Especially photography, as a tool of artistic expression, is placed in the center of art, and used by many artists, being recognized as the most modern and widely used instrument.
The exhibition showed the 110 years of history of Korean photography. It also tried to put photography in the appropriate place that it deserves.
It displays a total of 623 pieces of works including the documentary photographs taken after the independence from the Japanese military occupation, documentary photographs of the Korean Civil War, works showing the confused period, recently taken photographs, and the photographs expressing the new vision.

The 80 years of Korean Nude Art
The most important works that Korean nude artists have produced for 80 years were displayed. Nude art has been an aesthetic object but it was often displayed as a sensual and obscene paradigm. Therefore we should focus on the fact that nude art has direct relations with the introduction of Western fine art in Korean art history and that it is the previous form of academic fine art.
The purpose of the exhibition is to rectify the distorted history of Korean nude art and let people know the true meaning of the nude that was expressed with the intention to find beauty in the human body. The total 106 pieces of paintings were displayed.

The exhibition of Music and Dance
Seoul Art Center, Arts Complex, having completed construction of the past 10 years, provided the exhibition in the celebration of the 1st anniversary of opening the whole center.
Taking the whole measure of art into consideration, Seoul Art Center, with the theme of fine art, music and dance, tried to offer an exhibition that is appropriate with its reputation and purpose.
Displayed are representational paintings and sculptures portraying people playing musical instruments, dancing, rhythmical beauty, works freely depicting the image of the motive and the high-tech art freely representing musical sound and video picture. A total of 180 pieces of Korean painting, Western painting, sculpture, and high tech of 119 artists were exhibited.

Transition of Seoul Scenery
In celebration of the 600th anniversary of Seoul Capital, the exhibition was held with the intention to have a new view of Seoul from the point of art. The works of the modern times after 1900 were displayed, with the focus on the transition of Seoul scenery, viewed by the artists, of the period of the great changes and confusion. And displayed also are the landscapes of the modern times depicting the transition and soul of Seoul that has grown up to one of the largest international cities.
The back streets, the intersections, the river, the bridges, the mountains, the palaces of Seoul expressed in the paintings are the soul and the look of Seoul and they will continue to change. These 139 pieces of works bear the spirit and the breath of Seoul. The purpose of the exhibition is to make a new understanding of the emotion of Seoul.