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Sculpture for peaceful unification
Holding the sculpture exhibition in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the independence from the Japanese military occupation and the year of fine art, we recognize the reality of the divided country and wish the unification of Korea. It has been 50 years since we were independent from Japan and also we were divided into two. We have enjoyed the independence and at the same time we suffer the reality of the divided country. The exhibition, based on our reality, was focused on gathering a nation-wide hope for the unification with the help of fine art.
Using the sculpture which is an easier to express symbol, the exhibition with the theme of hope for the unification, from .3 August 1995 to.20 August 1995, symbolically shows suffering of the divided country and desire for the unification.
Groping for the possibility of opening the unification sculpture park, the exhibition displays the various styles of the present sculpture with the participation of senior and new sculptors. The sculpture displayed here will, after the unification, be the symbol of the lesson of the division.