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Art for Children

Fairy-tale Illustration Exhibition
The exhibition is provided with the intention of offering children the opportunities to let them appreciate the various and rich world of creative expression. This world fosters imagination and diverse dreams, as well as the hope that the deep impression from fairy tales and mythical world viewed by children can make their daily life full of gratification - and also light up the exhibition. Fairy-tale Illustration Exhibition held in the Children Month will help those growing up develop a sense of cultural imagination and creative dreaming. It is very meaningful in that it will be a great chance to attract children to the Art Hall and broaden the art world. The exhibition(10, May 1991 to 30, May 1991) was hosted by the Association of Publication & Art, and the Art Department of the Seoul Art Center. The participation of 70 artists, who made the original illustration of Korean feeling, provided the exhibits of 445 illustrations, 174 picture books and a piece of animation.

The Exhibition of Paper Art in Korea
The purpose of the exhibition was to foster in children the idea that paper is a material for art, and to develop their interest and pleasure in fine art for daily life - by working with paper found in everyday life. It was also provided to educate the youth about recycled resources.
The exhibition, which was held from 1993.05.04 to 05.12, displayed about 100 works of craft art, fancy design, and living fine art that was accepted in the public contribution from elementary school students to adults.
In the craft art department, pure formative arts, craft arts, daily commodities and decorations using paper, were put on exhibition. In the fancy design department are displayed design products made for purposes such as stationary, fancy products, play instruments and formative experimental works such as symbolic towers, paper cubes, and architecture models. In living fine art, works made to be used such as daily commodities, toys, stationary, decorations, and fancy products using used and recycled paper were exhibited.

Come to this animation world!
The exhibition of Korea's new animation was hosted in celebration of Children's Month (May) with the intention to provide a place where comics could be exhibited. It gave children the opportunity to read comics and it can give animation writers the opportunity to improve their ability through which subjectivity and international competition of Korean animation will be given a better account.
Trying not to be a regular exhibition, it prepared for the total stage where children could experience and appreciate the animation, and it also provided motivation to accelerate the progress of good Korean comics -which are good ways of developing children's creativity.
The exhibition was categorized by emotion, brightness, sports, and purity with characters of strong personality. Many animation writers participated: Lee Hyeonsei, Lee Doho, Kim Sujeong, Lee Hyeejae, Kim Hyongbae, Yoon Seongyun, Kim Jintae, San Ho, Hyong Mina, Lee Mirah, Kim Jin, Shin Yilsook, Lee Eyenhae, Kang Kyongyok, Lee Pobae, Lee Jinjoo, Park Sudong, Hye Youngman, Lee Wyonpok, Cha Sungjin, Hyan Seungwan, Kim Joonpyum , Oh Wonsuk, Lee Sangmoo, Ko Haengsuk, Kim Donghya, Pae Kumtaek, Kim Jiwon, Jee Sangwon, Lee Roma, Lee Wooyeong, Lee MyongJin, Lee Jeongae, Cho Hanglee, Jang Taesan, Lee Jaehak, Lee Sangse, Cho Juchong.