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The Exhibition of Korean Sagunja. (1989.11.17 - 12.17)

This exhibition was the first collection of about 100 works of Sagunja drawn by the 60 distinguished writers, calligraphers, and artists from Chosun Dynasty to modern times.
Sagunja is, as is well known, the general term for the drawings of the four gracious plants of plum, orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo.
As they represent the spirit and fidelity of the learned man, the literati enjoyed describing them. The notable works are: Yi Jeong's Mookjukdo, Yu Duk-jang's Poongjuk, Kim Jeong-hee's epilogue Daereon, Kim Hong-do's Maehyado, Kang Se-whang's Sagunjachub, Cho Heeryong's Maehyaseokdo, Kim Jeong-hee's Yiwooran, Min Young-sik's Orchid, Yi Ha-eung's Orchid, Whang Young-ha Wan Jung-sik's Chrysanthemums.