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The Exhibition of the Calligraphy of the Martyrs

On the 50th anniversary of Korean liberalization from Japan, were displayed 150 handwritings of the martyrs who died for the independence of Korea from Japan.
The works in the Exhibition are various, as are the philosophical backgrounds of the writers, ranging from Radical Confucianists, who insisted on protecting the Korean culture from the western countries, the leader of the Righteous Army, Christians, Buddhists, the men from religious bodies such as Daejongkyo and chundokyo, and military officers, to Koreans who had studied in Europe, America, and Japan. Among them are there the works of An Jung-kwen, Park Eun-sik, Jeong In-bo, Yoon Dong-ju, Min Young-whan, Kim Ku, Lee Shi-young, Shin Yik-hee, Oh Sei-chang and Yoon Bong-gil.